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Gameleaks: Fallout 4 latest leaked images before the final release

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Warning: this thread may contain spoilers, thus, you may want to consider twice prior to checking the images out, so you won't spoil your first play-through beforehand! This thread contains latest Bethesda's Fallout 4 image leaks prior to the release of the final game, which will be released at 10th of November 2015 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

Within the last day there was a Twitch stream which leaked several Fallout 4 images. The set of images do contain a few menu screenshots, as well as images of the first town, and several shots from a bar called "Colonial Taphouse". View the images below if you're not afraid of the early game spoilers!

(Geneva looks for a free house to sell for the player)

(Bartender Cooke at Colonial Taphouse)

(Paul aims at someone with a pistol)

Even more images in low quality below, taken from leaked video material, which was released by "Anchev" on video sharing service. Warning, the images may contain rather BIG SPOILERS (of Power Armor, for instance)! 

(Power Armor, possible SPOÌLER)

(Character creation)

(Super Mutant)

(Map viewed on PIP-BOY)

(Base builder)

(Weapon modding/crafting system at Sanctuary Hills "worksop")

(Sanctuary Hills)

(Base builder)

(Power Armor, possible SPOÌLER)


(Power Armor, possible SPOÌLER)

(Power Armor, possible SPOÌLER)

(Power Armor, possible SPOÌLER)

(Mama Murphy)

(Sunshine Tidings)

(Initiate Clarke and his experiments)

(Ghouls haunt the subway tunnels - as always)

(Showcasing dialogue options)

("Strong" and a mysterious man locked up)

(Super Mutant called "Strong")

(perks and skills)

(Super mutant)

(showcasing the hacking/password system)

(A trader called Trashcan Carla)

(Vault 111 location, at Northwestern edge of the map)

(Trashcan Carla and his two-headed Brahmin, you can ask her about Diamond City)

(A bum called Sheffield)

(Streets near Marowski's Chem Lab)

(Eastern end, the sea and the harbor)

(Gunner Conscript)

(Gunner controlled hostile Mr.Gutsy robot)

(A nice view over the city, nearby Marowski's Chem Lab and Hester Consumer Robotics)

(An alternative female follower / companion for Dogmeat; "Piper")

(Sniping a Supermutant Skirmisher)

Now if you really want to see the gameplay video material with HIGH SPOILER CONTENT, check Anchev's videos at here. Be warned, though. You may not want to view it just yet.

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