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The Age of Decadence finally released for PC - a true gift for story driven old school RPG fans!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Iron Tower Studio have finally managed to release their long-awaited single-player computer RPG called "The Age of Decadence" for PC. It was released at 14th of October 2015, just a few days ago. The game had very lengthy development cycle, being in development for something like a full decade, with many phases, starting out as an isometric 2D game and eventually evolving in isometric 3D game. The reasons behind that would be, that the game is rather large by it's scale when taking into account that it's an indie-release (a prime example of how indie-release could be in-depth and have superior quality in it's most important core elements at the same time). The game's interface functions in rotatable top-down exploration view, and turn-based grid-based combat view, accompanied with old-school style written dialogue conversations, with a lot of different choices and consequences to be faced.

(note that the version at this screenshot is out of date - it's now full version! Not 0.8.xx)

It's been a while since the player felt this vulnerable in the game-world, rather than being overpowered hero who could just walk over everyone easily, held by the hand by a game's interface. The Age of Decadence is a nod towards the original Fallout games (in my opinion), but with far harder path for a warrior. It's set in post-apocalyptic low-magic fantasy world inspired by Ancient Rome - inspired with something rather more realistic than many high-fantasy cRPGs, but with some fantasy-like twists in the tale (you cannot play as a wizard, however). The game's world is very unforgiving and rough, and is completely ruthless, which makes completing quests very rewarding. NPCs will scam you and take advantage if you're a fool, or try to play a character which you're unskilled to be.

As much loved as hated by it's high difficulty, The Age of Decadence is an old-school RPG fanatic's wet dream at the times when majority of MMORPGs and combat-heavy cRPGs rely on quick reflexes, rather than focusing on smart choices in dialogue-based events and extensive story-line, which is just what The Age of Decadence is about. But it's more than that. It's a world of choices, and their diverse consequences, which affect through the whole play through. It's a game where player's background and skills really affect which way you can solve the quests.

The game often prefers clever talking and intellectual skills on solving situations over a combat option, which most often is the far toughest one. Even highly so, that with many hybrid builds or builds leaning in intellectual non-combat skills (such as impersonate, thieving, streetwise, etiquette etc.) it's impossible to overcome the combat option due lack of un-optimized fighting skills - but some combat events are hard even with the most focused combat builds. There is no saving in the middle of combat sequence, so you might want to avoid it for once, if possible.

(character generation process)

In The Age of Decadence your background, reputation, and skills do matter a whole lot to the ways to solve - and to outcome of different quests. Some of the content is off limits for certain builds, but may open up unique quest-lines (whether it be side-quest or part of the main-quest) for those specific builds. Be aware that you cannot have anything with one play-through, since leveling up skills is very expensive, and you need to max out a narrow selection of them, rather than spend your skillpoints carelessly here and there . Depending of your character build, background, and actions - the consequences will vary greatly, and thus, replay-value in the game is HUGE!

The combat does have many factors, and one can use different armors, weapons, and special strikes. They all work differently depending of the enemy's weapons, armors and such. Or you could use poison, and craft your own armors and weapons. The choice is yours!

The Age of Decadence is currently for sale at GOG (Good Old Games, DRM free PC download) - or you can buy it from Steam, as well. It's highly recommended by for anyone looking dialogue-heavy old-school cRPG with high difficulty level! Not for the weak and impatient.

(more screenshots below!)

(dialogue and text driven events which choices depending upon your character!)

(an inventory screen looking familiar for Fallout fans!)

(a sneaky fun on the Daratan Palace)

(in combat every bit counts, even with a combat build - positioning is important)

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