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Update to Tane Norther's Heroes 3 (SoD) map pack is finally coming out!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

The map pack update was released and moved into:

To everyone who's interested on my fan made Heroes 3 (Shadow of Death) maps, I've finally completed a new map which will be added to my map pack (Tane Norther's Heroes of Might And Magic III (SoD) XL-map pack) very soon. It's called Forest Of The Old Godz and the map has been on development for about half year. I would say, that this is "the grand map" of all, this far. And I'm quite proud of it. I had fun time creating it, and sure, it didn't take whole half-year development at full-speed. Sometimes I was making the map more intensively, while sometimes not so. Creating the "events" for the map took a whole lot of time, as English is not my first language.

In addition, I have made small update on Star Dimension X, which now features possibility to play the map with four (4) more additional (random) towns located on the underground area at the very edges. By playtesting the map several times, I figured out that the time to get to the prior closest neutral town took a bit too long time, and that hampered chances to keep the map interesting in the beginning. With the added towns, the map now works way better in my opinion and is more fun to play. The version with more towns will be marked with a plus (+) sign on the map name.

What you can expect about the next update to the map pack:
-New Star Dimension X version added (Star Dimenion X+) with four (4) more towns
-A whole new HUGE XL map with eight (8) players and four (4) teams, which has:
 *A full-blown two-sided XL map with no wasted space, really
 *Both (underground and overworld) sides of the map have been used as full-sized overworld areas,  connected to each other with teleports in logical manner.
 *Some team-specific timed events at certain towns
 *Maximum 200 events used for the map (though, some of them represent the same happening for      each player separately, with slightly different outcome)
 *Some background story (I tried my best, with English not being my main-language)
 *Pandora's Boxes
 *More challenging late-game events/areas
 *Neutral Garrisons with varying armies to add different kinds of combat challenges
 *Maximum amount of Quests (Seer's Huts)...
 *...overridden with some Quest Guards added
 *Each team has one specific high-level hero of their own race captured somewhere (Quest Guard    mission to free him out of the Prison)
 *Slightly varying difficulty/balance depending of the chosen side (player)
 *Many Dragon Cities, but harder to get at
 *Teams split on Might player (due restricted heroes) and Magic-player
 *"Ancient Shrines" to pray for the Gods, which will react differently depending of player
 *Border Guards and hard-to-reach keymasters tents, which can change the map dramatically when  unlocked
 *...and then some.

I will still do some minor testing and then upload the updated map pack to the original post with the new map included! I already apologize for any mistakes on the grammar in the "events" - my English is far from perfect, but I've done my best. :-)

Stay tuned!

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