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Torment: Tides of Numenera website opens up - InXile asks votes for upcoming pledge rewards

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Brian Fargo and InXile Entertainment company are currently developing Wasteland 2, but Fargo doesn't rest for a minute. His team already has their sights for future, to allow the team to continue with a new game straight after Wasteland 2 (and most likely even overlapping with it's production too).

Earlier this year Fargo hinted to have acquired rights for "Torment" trademark, thanks for clever folks in noticing this before anyone else (even if you hate them, you probably love them secretly too). Planescape: Torment was well received top-down isometric computer role-playing game released in 1999 by Interplay, a company where Fargo belonged previously. Planescape: Torment was well known for it's dark story and setting, putting emphasise heavily on story-line rather than combat, with quite complex dialogue and it's options.

However, Fargo's latest trademark acquisition only granted rights to make a "Torment"-game, which does not include anything related to "Planescape" license. Torment and Planescape are two different things, and should be kept separate. Now, Planescape actually stands for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting and rules, which Fargo cannot use for the new Torment game, while Torment stands for the fictional story and characters created by Interplay team for Planescape setting in the PC game. Fargo and InXile Entertainment can use any fictional characters and things from story-line of Planescape: Torment, which are not borrowed from Planescape universe, but from anything that Interplay themselves came up with and added on top-of that for Planescape: Torment game. InXile's team actually stated in an interview, that they see "Torment" trademark mostly as specific thematic story style, rather than a specific setting (Torment interview with Colin McComb and Kevin Saunders. 12th February 2013.

So, Fargo and InXile have decided to put their "Torment" trademark license to use, and create "a spiritual successor" for original Planescape: Torment soon to be kick-started on, a game that will carry on the original's legacy. Instead of using Planescape campaign setting, Fargo acquired rights to use a brand-new science-fiction table-top RPG fantasy setting in the upcoming game, which is called Numenéra. Numenera setting was just recently in last year's September successfully funded at reaching $517,255 in pledges out of it's original $20,000 goal and was a huge success.

(early concept art for upcoming Torment)

Fargo also stated earlier this year that the soon-to-be-kickstarted Torment: Tides Of Numenera will be set in overall dark game-world setting, bit like it's "predecessor". The game will use adapted table-top setting rules of Numenera, and developing team will include at least Colin McComb (creative lead, worked as developing Planescape setting, as well as a designer for Planescape: Torment), Kevin Saunders (lead designer and producer for Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of The Betrayer), Mark Morgan (as a composer, from Fallout 1 and 2), Aaron Meyers (artist on Planescape: Torment), and Dana Kutson (primary concept artist for Planescape: Torment) on their ranks. Stated in the interview, Chris Avellone won't be involved in the project (Torment interview with Colin McComb and Kevin Saunders. 12th February 2013.

As we know for know, world of Numenera is set in distant future, and won't be using planes per se in it's game world unlike Planescape: Torment, but the game will include some extra-dimensional travel and locations separated from the actual reality. The team is still figuring out whether they will use full isometric 3D for the game or will they include pre-drawn 2D backgrounds. However, they have stated that they really felt Wasteland 2's isometric 3D view with Unity engine worked well for them, so it might be a hint to use something similar for Torment: Numenera.

InXile have just recently set up official website containing forums for Torment: Tides Of Numenera and are currently asking votes of the consumers for upcoming kickstarter-campaign pledge rewards. Be sure to check the official website here. You can also read full interview of Torment: Numenera with Brian Fargo & Co. by at here.The kickstarter campaign should follow shortly, much before Wasteland 2 is finished.

(This is how original Planescape: Torment looked like in 1999, and it's still got it's fascination today)

And while you're read this far, you might as well feel like it's time to reinstall the original Planescape: Torment and give it a run? You can get it from Good Old Games as digital copy with PDF-manuals for $9.99.

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