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Sony Playstation 4 first leaked dualshock controller images

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Next generation consoles of Sony Playstation and Microsoft XBOX are on their way probably within a year or two. Sony is holding their own New York City media-event next Wednesday 20th of February 2013, which will be interesting since they might reveal their plans about Playstation 4 release on that day, and officially announce the console (source: Gamespot).

Playstation 4 is also rumored to be incompatible backwards with the old games due it's different kind of hardware compared to Playstation 3, which will most likely remind more of a modern PC. The console is rumored to use AMD x86 chips which have issues with games planned for previous Playstation consoles due their totally different architecture. However Sony might end up going around this problem by streaming old Playstation games with services like Gaikai or OnLive, or such, just if the technology will allow this when the console comes out. (source: Eurogamer)

Anyway, if you wondered what PS4 controller will look like, perhaps below is your best answer this far. The first images of the controller have leaked on internet and can be seen on below. Bare in mind that this is most likely a prototype and may yet change:

(first leaked image)

(secont leaked image)
(image credit: Digital Foundry)

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