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Grimoire demo released and Indiegogo campaign extended for 2 months

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cleve Blakemore has finally released long awaited demo (at least for those rare breed of true old-school cRPG fantics) for his shortly upcoming old school party-based cRPG Grimoire: Heralds of Winged Exemplar. For those who don't know, the game has been in the making over 17 years by Cleve, with help of  Michael Shamgar. The game pays honor to old-school cRPGs such as Baldurs... oh wait, just kidding, a bit older than that: Wizardry series, Eye of The Beholder, and Might & Magic series - especially to those of 80s and very early 90s. We can sum up the most important things of Grimoire as such:

(just by looking character screen you can see there's quite much diversity in the game)

* old-school cRPG in first-person view
* party-based
* step-engine (gameplay)
* turn-based tactical combat
* several races, professions, skills, and full party creation
* lengthy gameplay over 600 hours (you know it's important!)
* and tons of other features.. check it out on the new Indiegogo campaign (prolonged)

The game was about 98% ready when the Indiegogo campaign first started couple of months ago with goal of $250 000, but ending up "only" bit over $10 000 of raised funds few days ago. The trick here is though, that original campaign was so called "flexible funding" campaign, which means that what amount ever Grimoire would reach, it would be released and money would go to their righteous owners (the creators of the game).

Cleve then decided to extend recently ended Indiegogo campaign for 60 more days (starting from yesterday), so you still have chance to back this game and purchase it! Deal with Indiegogo ensures that already given pledges will still count as purchase, so the game currently has that bit over $10 000 of funds raised, with 60 more days to go, and the current goal for extended period is 10% of the original goal - $25 000. The extended campaign is also so called "flexible funding"-campaign, which is guarantee of the release, not matter if the goal is reached or not.

Extending the campaign always makes you think "will the game also be delayed?". Well far is it's known for now there is no delay, the new (extended) Indiegogo campaign page of Grimoire says "to be shipped in May 2013" just like previously, it's just prolonged period to actually buy the game and only chance to acquire a new physical copy of the game, which is set to be shipped and delivered during May 2013.

Also as stated the official gameplay Demo is out and free-to-play! The original demo release had some bugginess, which should have been fixed now. The current and updated Grimoire Demo can be downloaded here! (v1.31 3.4.2013)

If you're into bit more complex cRPGs that what seems to be released these days and hell, perhaps even since mid-90s, then I truly suggest that you give this game a look!

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