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Crysis 3 release at next week (19th & 21st of Feb for PC, Xbox360 and PS3) - short preview

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Long-awaited sci-fi first-person-shooter Crysis 3 is coming out next week for PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360! Release dates are 19th of February for United States and 21st of February for Europe and Australia. Be sure to Pre-order Crysis 3 if you're a shooter-game fan. The game is developed by Crytek, who are previously known of original Far Cry as well as two Crysis 3 predecessors (1, and 2). The game will be published by Electronic Arts. Crysis 3 will feature brand new single-player campaign with revamped multi-player mode.

Story of the game takes place 24 years after events of it's predecessor Crysis 2. Player takes a role of Prophet who returns to New York city (Liberty Dome) in 2047, after city is closed-in and quarantined within enormous Nanodome, which was created by corrupt C.E.L.L. corporation (Crynet Enforcement & Local Logistics). Player will be equipped with new high-tech and alien weaponry, composite bow. and a upgraded nanosuit. Prepare for war! New York city Liberty Dome is divided into seven distinct and environments, which are called Seven Wonders, with landscape mixing urban city environments with overgrown jungle, trees, rivers, and swamps. The people of Liberty Dome have been told that the quarantined nanodomes were build to protect population and to clean out remnants of Ceph Forces (Cephalopods aka Charybdis, technologically advanced aliens). In reality, nanodomes C.E.L.L.’s hidden plan to steal technology and acquire land in their bigger quest for global domination. That’s when Prophet (player) becomes aware of these plans and steps in for his “revenge attack” to prevent C.E.L.L.’s plans, while also fighting alien forces similarly. Once again, it’s about saving mankind…

(Welcome to the jungle...)

…but in beautiful environments. Game will use improved CryEngine 3 (which was also used in Crysis 2), and will attempt to crank out everything from modern PC hardware too. In fact, some of the special graphical improvements will only be visual in PC version of the game in highest graphical settings. No doubt about it, CryEngine 3 is one of the most visually impressive game-engines of this game generation (before the next generation consoles come in).

Multiplayer mode will feature eight different gameplay types with all new maps and loads of new weaponry. The most hyped multiplayer-mode has definitely been “Hunter”-mode, a sort of a survival-mode, where teams are split into two: C.E.L.L. troopers (10-14 players depending whether using PC or Console) with decent gear versus. two “hunters” wearing high-tech nanosuit with cloaking ability and bows with arrows. The “Hunter”-mode will last five rounds of two minutes. Troopers are being hunted by hunters who due their cloaking devices are hard to spot and can ambush hell out of the troopers with their silent bows. Any trooper who dies within the round becomes then hunter for the rest of the game. The trooper who survives the longest wins. Hunter mode should present some thrilling online-gaming moments.

Crysis 3 will feature quite decent selection of weaponry ranging from Assault rifles (SCAR, SCARAB, Typhoon), Sub-machine guns (Feline), Shotguns (Jackal, Marshall), Sniper-rifle (DSG-1), Sidearms (Hammer, Majestic), Heavy weapons (HMG, MK. 60 mod 0), to Explosive weapons (M17 Frag Grenade, Ceph Plasma, X-PAC).. or would you like to use a Compound Bow instead to shoot an arrow to your enemy’s neck instead? For example Typhoon has huge blast of 720 round magazine with very rapid fire rate, while Jackal is fully automatic assault shotgun for close quarters combat, and HMG is heaviest non-explosive weapon that can be acquired in Crysis 3.

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System requirements for Crysis 3 PC release are:

• Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
• DirectX 11 graphics card with 1Gb Video RAM
• Dual core CPU
• 2GB Memory (3GB on Vista)
• Nvidia/Intel example setup: Nvidia GTS 450, Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 Ghz (E6600)
• AMD example setup: AMD Radeon HD5770, AMD Athlon64 X2 2.7 Ghz (5200+)

• Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
• DirectX 11 graphics card with 1GB Video RAM
• Quad core CPU
• 4GB Memory
• Nvidia/Intel example setup: Nvidia GTX 560, Intel Core i3-530
• AMD example setup: AMD Radeon HD5870, AMD Phenom II X2 565

High performance:
• Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
• Latest DirectX 11 graphics card
• Latest quad core CPU
• 8GB Memory
• Nvidia/Intel example setup: NVidia GTX 680, Intel Core i7-2600k
• AMD example setup: AMD Radeon HD7970, AMD Bulldozer FX4150

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