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Peter Molyneux and 22Cans succeed with kickstarter campaign of Godus - Spiritual successor for Populous

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Yesterday, 21th of December 2012, kickstarter campaign for upcoming "god game" Godus was successfully funded in The team behind the game concept is "22Cans". A game development company found just recently in March 2012, which was formed by god-game-veteran Peter Molyneux (read more about him in our other article) among some other people, who loosely said, have been working with titles such as Syndicate, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper and so on... 22Cans have personnel tied to previous companies like Bullfrog, Lionhead, Eletronic Arts, and many more. The team seems quite competent to create another "god game".

Godus campaign succeeded by raising £526,563out of £450,000 goal, and will soon be in the making.

So Godus will be a god game, but what does god game mean?
A god game is a type of game where player is set to control people or creatures sort of indirectly, with supernatural powers, such as modifying environments and landscapes, to allow his worshippers to live in better conditions and expand their cities. However player, a god, cannot directly give orders to his followers. He can influence their doings indirectly only. Player's own character is undefined, faceless form of life, a god. Examples of god games include classic titles of Populous, and Black And White, for example.

Peter Molyneux is one of the inventors behind god-game-genre with his Populous released in 1989 , of which spiritual successor Godus now aims to be. The game will feature Populous-like game play of leading your own tribe of worshippers to the victory in half of living sandbox game, and half of strategy game with indirect influence to your followers. 22Cans promise Dungeon Keeper-like battles against other gods and their tribes, combined with Black & White influenced changing world around you.

Godus will take roughly from seven to nine months to complete, which should mean that it's set to be out late autumn-winter of 2013 for PC, Mac (including Linux version), and Mobile devices.

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