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GOG (Good Old Games) Holiday discount campaign - 452 game-downloads for -50% until Jan 3rd

Monday, 31 December 2012

That's a nice deal! But only until January 3rd of 2013.

If you wanna grab some classic DRM free game-downloads from GOG I suggest you do it quick. Their holiday campaign includes massive selection of 452 games for -50% price tag. I really do like GOG although I usually don't prefer game-downloads over physical copy, but easiness to use their website, Windows XP/7-ready old Dos platformed games, and manuals that are included usually in Pdf format is nice touch.

Some of the best games you can get from them are best strategy and cRPG offerings from the 90's. I just acquired Disciples and Age Of Wonders games from them myself.. :-)

Lots of classics up for grabs for cheap for example:

Might And Magic 6-pack (MM 1-6) - $4.99
Heroes of Might And Magic 3 Complete Edition - $4.99
Ultima VII - $2.99
Freespace 2 - $4.99
Master of Orion 1+2 - $2.99
Planescape Torment - $4.99
Arcanum: Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura - $2.99
Icewind Dale Complete - $4.99
Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition - $2.99
Outcast - $2.99
Fallout 1 - $4.99
Fallout 2 - $4.99
...and over 400 more.

plus ending tomorrow: -75% "Santa in Space"-campaign for games like Star Control 1-3, Master of Orion 1-2.

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