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Elite: Dangerous - make or break time for kickstarter campaign

Friday, 28 December 2012

One week left for David Braben and Frontier Developments to reach the necessary £1,250,000 goal in kickstarter campaign for Elite sequel "Dangerous": open-world space simulation with freedom to play in a vast galaxy as trader, rogue, or headhunter. "Get small amount of credits, crappy ship, and go make a fortune" .

The remaining week is pretty much "make or break" period, because succeeding in the goal gets agonisingly close, and it can still go either way. Elite: Dangerous will most likely make it though, since it has around £200,000 to make in seven days, but last few days have seen increasing pledging rate. It's also often seen in past campaigns that on campaigns which get close to succeed in the end, the last days have provided large percentage of money of the overall goal.

Braben & Co. should get approximately £28,000 a day on average speed. Braben has kept the campaign page coming with loads of updates within the last couple of days. He has explained a lot about game world economy, and how it works, as well as about trading system.

Here are the videos from newest updates for Elite: Dangerous, as well as Teaser video for those who don't know about the game:

(Dec 28, 2012 Update - About trading)

(Dec 26, 2012 Update - Gary Whitts interviews Braben (Elite: Dangerous) and Robers (Star Citizen))

(Teaser trailer)

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