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What is meaning of a "Let's Play"-video?

Saturday, 24 November 2012

("Lets Play" Realms of Arkania II: Star Trail)

Let's Play or Lets Play Together-videos do not stand for adult-movies (bad joke). Instead the term is  commonly used about videos where people record their own video game playing clips preferably hosted with voiced commentary. They can be either play-throughs or shorter clips. Most common place to find Lets-Play-videos is Youtube search.

Some of the best hosts of the videos do their job really well, and it's interesting to see them play through different classic games, especially role-playing games such as Fallouts, Might & Magics and so on. Whole play-throughs with commentary are also good place to find tips and tricks, and new solutions to the quests that you didn't think of before.

("Lets Play" Might And Magic VI: Mandate of Heaven)

About a year ago I did quite bit of a work collecting video links of Lets-play videos and play-throughs to one big excel file. More accurately those are computer role-playing and adventure games as I find these videos most entertaining to watch. The excel I compiled was quite huge, and I then converted the whole file with it's links into HTML readable table format. You can browse it by release year, alpabetic, genre, rating. The list might have some links broken, but it still has a lot of "meat" in it. If you like videos like this, be sure to check it out!

Perhaps in future I'll update it a bit with new additions and correct some broken links if I find some. Perhaps there should be one for NES games too...


You can find that full list of links here: The Gamers' Dungeon - Let's Play Video archive

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