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Guido Henkel is back with "Thorvalla", a newly planned cRPG soon on

Thursday, 15 November 2012

(Thorvalla cancelled, read more)

Guido Henkel. A name that anyone loving classic computer role-playing games should remember. Founder of the "Dragonware Games" in 1983 which eventually transformed into what we know as "Attic Entertainment Software". Henkel worked in titles such as Realms of Arkania franchise, Planescape Torment, and had even part in Fallout 2. After this he started his own company G3studios, which he has worked over a decade now making games for handheld platforms, and beside this he has written novels such as his own "Jason Dark" series.

Well he will be back making computer games if his next project gets enough support (funding). Henkel has just recently announced that he will be back making a new cRPG called "Thorvalla" (official website in the making) in case it gets funded in He has been rather quiet about more accurate details about the game yet, except that it well be a party-based computer rpg for Windows, OSX, and Linux.

What we know is that you'll be starting out bit like in Planescape Torment with one character, whereas the rest of the party is possible to be formed later on with recruitable NPC's. Game world will be all freshly written from the scratch along with the general ruleset of the game, which should be influenced by RoA and D&D rules.

The first art of the game seems influenced by the "Nordic origin" and vikings. However recent G3studios announcement article states that it won't be the whole deal about the game world. Those are the early bits of an art, but the generally game world will draw influences from several real world mythologies and civilizations, yet being high in fantasy. Yet mentioned "races" are unnamed ones resembling nordic (vikings), tribal people (native americans), and societies such as asian cultures. The fantasy side of it is described containing expansive magic system, and you'll be sure to meet classic fantasy creatures such as orcs and goblins, and much more!

Another point of interest beside Henkel and his merits is recently announced thing, that Neil Hallford will be joining in the project along Henkel. Hallford is known to be part of designing classic games such as Betrayal At Krondor, Might And Magic III: Isles of Terra, Champions of Norrath, Lords of Everquest and Dungeon Siege... Other than that he's also book author, screenwriterm and independent film director.

The game is rumored to be aiming for $1Million funding goal in comparison with Project Eternity's $1.1Million, Wasteland 2's $900 000 and Shadowrun Returns $400 000 goal. We have to remember though that each of those games topped their goal by far. This time around though there's been several projects already funded this year, so it remains to be seen do gamers still have interest to fund another one. Henkel's project sounds interesting this far though..

We did little general interview with Henkel some time ago with meaning to find some additional information to an article "Famous people of gaming industry part #1". The interview will be published shortly when "Thorvallas" kickstarter goes live (hopefully with few additional questions about "Thorvalla" itself if Henkel finds time to answer them!). Stay tuned!

Guido Henkel (interview 12.11.2012): "-- I created elven stories in
the series until I felt that I really wanted to make another
game. So, I sat down and began working on the design of a new
computer RPG, called Thorvalla. It is in its early stages still
and I’ve been pulling in some people I worked with on previous
games. We will start a Kickstarter campaign for the game shortly
to raise the funds necessary to actually develop and produce
the game, so the past weeks have seen me very busy with the
preparation for this campaign. I hope it goes well and I hope
everyone who reads this will check out the project, because I’m
really itching to make this game."

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