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Chris Roberts' space sim Star Citizen ends up breaking over $6,200,000 in donations

Monday, 19 November 2012

Crowdfunding stage for Chris Robers and his team developing upcoming hugely ambitious space sim Star Citizen has ended with huge success. The project has raised over $6,2million dollars of crowdfunding money with all donation channels combined that they used - and their own RSI website donations.

This means that Star Citizen steals the crown from Project Eternity being most funded computer game ever through crowdfunding method. Project Eternity still holds the crown for being most funded computer game ever this far on holding the first place with $3,986,292 dollars in comparison with Star Citizen's kickstarter part of the funding $2,134,374 dollars.

Raising over $6,2 million for Star Citizen funding budget means, along great success, that Chris Roberts' ambitious Wing Commander/Privateer-style hybrid space sim achieves few more big "stretch goals" set in the funding making it even bigger than before. In the end few more things added to the final product will be:

$6,000,000 million dollars stretch goals:
-Star Citizen will improve on Privateer (originally 70 unique star systems), with 100 star systems to explore on launch day
-Bengal carrier-type space ship is unlocked for persistent universe play (free exploration)
-Full orchestrated music for Star Citizen/Squadron 42 soundtrack
-First Squadron 42 mission disk, Behind Enemy Lines, available for free to all backers upon release. A 16-mission campaign in style of The Secret Missions (Wing Commander expansion)

Read more about future plans in official Website

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