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A General Guide to Diablo 3 (by Clive Bokley)

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Blizzard has sucked many hours from me with games like Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo 2, etc. It’s that time again, since Diablo 3 has eaten my soul. Just kidding, I still have my soul!

Diablo 3 is a very fun game, but under its simplistic interface lies a whole set of complicated mechanics. I won’t cover everything in this post as it’s impossible, but I will try write about the most important ones.


If you played Diablo 2, you already know that elites play a big part of the game. Elites are special monsters that drop the “good stuff” when killed, but can be so hard they even outmatch bosses. The reason for this is that elites make use of special powers known as affixes that give them a wide range of powers. Let’s move on shall we...

Monster Affixes

Affixes are what give elites their powers. They can range from offensive (Arcane Enchanted, Electrified, etc) to defensive (Extra Health, Shielding, etc). Affixes are distributed according to monster level and difficulty, so you can expect to see new ones as you progress through the game. Here is how the difficulty effects how they are split:

  • Normal – 1 Affix
  • Nightmare – 2 Affixes
  • Hell – 3 Affixes
  • Inferno – 4 Affixes

This can result in some really hard combinations. The only tip I can give you is to skip them when this happens, as the reward just isn’t worth the effort/repair costs.


Diablo 3 features a 4 man multiplayer that you can join using the match maker. Multiplayer used to be a lot harder prior to patch 1.0.3, mainly because damage used to scale with each player. At the moment, only the Health of the monsters is increased when new players join in, while the damage remains the same.

Other things you should know about multiplayer is that Magic Find, Gold Find, and +Experience is averaged out in multiplayer games. This is a big setback for people who want to farm with random

players as chances are they won’t really have any Magic Find thus causing yours to fall down too. To prevent this, you can either farm solo or look for a pre arranged party (try looking in forums) which consists of people with high Magic Find.


Equipment is everything in Diablo 3, and I’m not exaggerating. 80% of your success will depend on what equipment you are wearing. This is why it is important to know which gear is good for your class and which isn’t. Writing an in depth explanation on stats would takes ages, but for starters here is what you need the most:

  • Your main stat – Each class has a main stat (Barbarians have strength, Witch Doctors and Wizards have intelligence, Demon Hunters and Monks have dexterity) which boosts their damage by 1% with every point. Why you need this obvious.
  • Vitality – Possibly the most useful stat in the game (for any class), you need this to soak up the damage dealt by monsters.
  • Resist All – In conjunction with Vitality, this is what will keep your character alive. Don’t hold back on this one.
  • Movement Speed – Get some boots with perfect Movement Speed and your life will be a lot easier, trust me.

You also need a good weapon. I recommend 800+ DPS for Inferno.


Besides equipment, builds are what gives your character its power. You should research well into your class before picking a build, as some are more suitable for specific play styles. Also, some builds only work in multiplayer. For example, I am using a build on my Demon Hunter that focuses on a channelled ability. While this works wonders in multiplayer where other players are tanking the monsters for me, it has zero use in single player as I would get run over in an instant.


The grand daddy of Diablo 3, this is the mode which you will farm for the best gear in the game. It is very hard and requires very good equipment for you to survive in, so I recommend farming Act 1 Inferno for quite some time before moving on to Act 2. The difficulty gap between Act 1 and Act 2 is very large in my opinion due to the very fast monsters you find in Act 2, so be careful.


RMAH stands for Real Money Auction House, and is one of the most controversial things about Diablo 3. While I have never (and never will) use this feature, it does have its uses. Many people resorted to third party sites to buy gear for Diablo 2 using real money, so they will love this feature as it provides safer transactions. If you are like me however and hate the “pay to win” mentality, then steer away from this. After all, there is a gold AH so don’t worry.

Thank you for reading my article. My name is Clive Bokley and as you can guess, I am a big fan of Diablo 3. I write many articles on this topic like my Diablo 3 Gold Secrets review for example, so check that out if it’s your kind of thing.


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