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Skyrim's first DLC expansion "Dawnguard" out now! (Xbox360, Ps3)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

This may be slightly late call but those unaware of this new DLC (Downloadable content) for Elder Scrolls Skyrim called "Dawnguard" has been out for Xbox 360 ever since June 26th, and should be out before end of this month for Playstation 3. It was released as Xbox exclusive, which is the reason for later PS3 release.

Dawnguard expands Skyrim's choices of gameplay beyond the original bringing possibility to play as a vampire (or a vampire lord) on board, which is very welcomed addition along the originally included werewolf form. In fact, you can also play Dawnguard story and choose not to become a vampire if you wish. You can choose to be between a vampire or a vampire hunter on a crusade against these unholy creatures. The choice is yours.

Dawnguard starts off at Fort Dawnguard which leads you to decide your side. Will you join up with vampire slayer Isran who is forming an army to hunt down the bloodfangs, or will you team up with Lord Harkon, an unholy abomination of a man who's about to suck out blood out of every living creature in Tamriel? You better choose wisely because you cannot switch sides later on.

Dawnguard offers anywhere between 10 to 20 hours of a fresh gameplay with new content, areas, quests, items (such as crossbows), and as the best part - a new storyline with 2 different branches to choose from and follow up. Yes you can be vampire lord with ability to cast new spells, drain life, summon gargoyles, and hover over the ground while moving fast. Dawnguard will also present new vampire perks and improve perk tree for werewolf. If this all sounds tempting then you better go for it, the DLC pack costs 1600 Microsoft points which is approximately $20. It's not too bad for 10 to 20 hours of a gameplay.

Vampire form doesn't come without a trouble though. As it stands for now you cannot look at the game's map, interact with dead bodies to pick up loot or talk to NPC's while you're at vampire form which may be bad gameplay design on part of Bethesda.

Still as it is Dawnguard should be decently good bargain as a downloadable content pack for twenty dollars offering quite a bit new things and good amount of extra gameplay. At least it's worthy addition for any Skyrim fan and not a rip-off, in which case we can give Bethesda some credit - decent job lads!

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