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Share your awesome game bargain story - best story wins a game worth $5,99.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Used games, collectibles, great deals, reselling..
All that is theme of today. Have you recently bargained for a valuable game(s) you always wanted to own, or did you buy a nice lot of for example Nintendo Nes games for cheap and sold them for great profit? Did you find Super Mario RPG for a half price of it's value?

Share your free-of-form success story about finding your beloved games to any gaming console or computer with a great bargain deal. Tell us details about your deal: which games you found, where you found them and how much you paid for the game(s) plus what was the reselling price in case you decided to go for the money instead of collecting.

Share us how cunning games tradesman (or a woman) or a collector you were. Best game bargain story wins a digital download of PC game from Good Old Games free of his choice limited to maximum value of $5,99 of cost gifted by me!

This small competition ends at 23.59 GMT this sunday night 29th of July.

Hopefully we get to hear some cool stories shared among readers! :)


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  2. Ended up getting the Sony Playstation tv bundle (500 dollars) along with mlb the show 12 and another pair of $70 dollar 3d glasses from best buy in a deal they ended up taking down an hour after making my purchase. MLB the show 12 came out the day before I purchased it. Got it all for $300. Valued at $630 Forgot to mention I resold the tv bundle and second pair of glasses for $450 on craigslist. So I made $150 dollars and got mlb the show 12 for free a day after it came out.

  3. That's pretty sweet deal Brandon. Quite a bit of money and free new game from one bargain :)

  4. Hi Brandon. The prize is yours! Only reply but I'm glad because it was a good story. Cash your prize with few steps:
    1) Please take a look to at
    2) Register to make sure that you can receive the gift. It's free. I know because I use GoG myself too :))
    3) Find any game priced $5,99 in their catalogue that you want
    4) Email me at your prize choice!
    5) I will e-mail (to the e-mail you used to send me message) you your link to the gifted game by thegamersdungeon


  5. Hi Brandon. Congrats. I have sent you gift card through I'm sorry for a late response. In case there's any problem with it please get back to me.