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InXile Entertainment reveals first early in-game screenshot of Wasteland 2

Monday, 23 July 2012

Crowd funded Wasteland 2's development for PC systems is already on it's way. Brian Fargo and the team started right up when the actual game budget was funded on While the release may be over a full year away, they have something new to reveal that may interest us who await this game to be savior of the true party based role-playing games. Fargo and the team have given out a new "early process" screenshot of the game which uses "Unity"-engine! See it below:

Brian Fargo wants to add that they have not put particle effects or post-processing in yet which are thus not shown in the screenshot above. He claims that they will have dramatic effect on the scene. Camera angle can also be switched to top-down view for those who prefer it that way.

Fargo and the team have gone through watching different medias to get inspiration and influence for the game scenery including similarly natured games, documentaries and CG short films which has given them several ideas. InXile's environmental artist Koy Vanoteghem states that there will be several different terrains and areas while staying true to the wasteland theme: at least different deserts and icy mountaintops of Arizona, as well as coastal LA (and much more...). They will all have their own feel and look.

Personally I do like how the game's graphics and artistic style looks so far. It reminds me a bit from the original Fallout 3 (before the FPS) which was in development but was cancelled on it's way. Only thing that troubles me is that perhaps it lacks final personalized finesse and is slightly bland. But it's a decently good start nevertheless keeping in mind that this screenshot is of a version that is something like pre-Alpha stage. One thing that I wish is that the Wasteland will be very vast and large, and that they make distances be big rather than every place of interest being too close to each other, which would break immersion of the big deserts which have quite limited amount of life. One should also need to travel large distances and explore abandoned wastes to be able to discover places.

On the other hand game engine like this also scares me because it brings Jagged Alliance Back In Action (not the same engine though thank god!) to my mind a bit and I hope that InXile can overcome camera angle problems and such - although one probably shouldn't even mention JA: Back In Action and Wasteland 2 in the same sentence. The color palette seems nicely vibrant but still having desert-feel on it. What's your feeling about the screenshot?

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