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Monday, 23 July 2012

We are looking to make this page perhaps more of a "community" so that people can participate on it. If you enjoy games and want to write an article for others to be read it's now possible. The article can be of any game console from Nes and Megadrive to modern PC and Xbox 360 and you get to include one Amazon, Ebay or GoG affiliate link of your own within the article plus your website's address (if appropriate). Anything else goes, but we don't accept Facebook or flash-game articles. Big no to browser based "social games".

General rules:

  • You are at least 16 of age.
  • Article is not used anywhere else online previously before submission, but you can of course use it on your own page later on. We don't want articles that are spammed on every site already.
  • Since this is not professional website your text does not have to be perfectly written but it should be decent nevertheless and please pre-check for spelling errors!
  • The article must be written by you (you own the rights to it)
  • Do not steal anyone else's article and post it here as your own.
  • Every article will be reviewed and checked before it's accepted. We'll hold rights to deny any article if we didn't feel that it was good enough or did not fit the page
  • You are not developer or promoter of the game you are reviewing.
  • For a full game review: aim somewhere at least 2000 letters.
  • For a free-of-a-form article: news, own thoughts, misc articles provide minimum of 1000 letters.
  • No commercial links allowed within the text within following exception:
    • 1) you can include one Amazon, GoG or Ebay affiliate link of your own in the text related to the article (for other types affiliate links please ask).
    • 2) you can include one link to your very own website in the end of the article along your alias if it's suitable for younger readers. We hold rights to leave your link off if it points into any unsuitable website for the context.

In addition please give us:

  • Your alias which will be used at the end of the post
  • Your full name (this will not be published or used anywhere unless you want) - it's to prove who in person wrote the article submitted.
  • Your website link to be included in the end of the post.
  • Your affiliate link to the Amazon, Ebay or GoG product to be included within the article (if you didn't already code it in). For other affiliate sites please ask.

Please follow these guidelines to spare our time (and yours!) and post any article under review for We will get back to you when we've done reviewing it. If your review is denied don't get upset, use it somewhere else or make it better and try again!

thegamersdungeon team

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