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Wasteland 2 Crowdfunding successful - raises over $3 million

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Brian Fargo, Michael Stackpole and rest of the development team of InXile Entertainment have a good reason to celebrate today. Their sequel to Wasteland (PC, 1988) which they describe as "The godfather of post-apocalyptic rpgs is back!" has reached more than it's goal in terms of developing money, that InXile gathered by crowdfunding, which means that the fans have donated and similarly sort of pre-ordered Wasteland 2 before it has even started development. You can read Wasteland (1) short presentation at this other article.

(First piece of Wasteland 2 concept art by Andree Wallin)

The goal for crowdfunding to make the game was $900 000 which was reached less than 48 hours. InXile gave the donations little over month of a time - and while the event has ended within the last day the end score now remains at massive $2 933 252 in "" where the crowdfunding project was held. The fans then donated additional $112 089 more directly in PayPal -  which makes over $3 million dollars all together! The sum is roughly same than Fallout 1's development costs all together. That's a lot of money to put on a game that hasn't even started it's development yet, so Fargo and the team certainly has a lot of demand from the fans to reply to. They will start developing Wasteland 2 very shortly, and actually have previous plans and such gathered over the past years when they did not get big publisher to fund the game - so they are not starting from plain zero.

This shows how powerful crowdfunding can be. And it's pretty certain that InXile's example will be imitated by several other game developers. But because paying for a game year or two beforehand is sort of a risky, you either need a great plan to present or team with big names in it, or perhaps a game sequel to the franchise where there is huge demand. It may not be easy to get people to donate games in years of advance otherwise.

(Brian Fargo - InXile Entertainment)

Nevertheless InXile boys have done it and you can watch their celebration videos from the last night at here (you must forward it to approx. 1h30min because there's empty gap before the party part). When Fargo was recently interviewed about crowdfunding he made few interesting mentions about the advantages of the method:

-A kickstarter (crowdfunding project) project allows game developer to bypass publisher and their demands totally. It also allows you to bypass retail, since you can publish downloadable games in services such as GOG (Good Old Games) or Steam. Wasteland 2 is going to have boxed versions with thick old school game manuals available though. Kickstarter project service takes their share of the total amount funded and that's it. For example Kicking It Forward which InXile Entertainment used for Wasteland 2 takes 5% cut of the finished product.

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