Buy and Download Homm3: Complete Ed. from GOG! Weekend Promo - Might & Magic Universe Games -50% Off

Friday, 6 April 2012

That's right.
All Might & Magic or Heroes of Might & Magic releases are -50% in GOG this weekend in exception of Heroes V and VI.

I'm quite tempted to get digital copies of M&M7: For Blood and Honor, and M&M8: Day of The Destroyer for $2.99 a piece! M&M9 and Crusaders of Might & Magic is also the same price.

Other than that the rest are $4.99, such as every Heroes of Might & Magic releases up 'till IV, and M&M 1-6 6-pack. The whole lot of ten games all together seems to cost $41.90 - which in my opinion is pretty darn good price for ten Might & Magic games, although M&M9 and Heroes Chronicles: All Chapters might be a bit of a filler. This promo ends next Sunday night. If you ever still wanted to play Heroes games under modern Windows, might be a great chance.

Sadly Heroes V is not that cheap, but you can still get it together with Assassin's Creed - Director's Cut for $19.99 which is not totally bad either (runs 'till Apr 12).

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(Running 'till midnight of this Sunday EST 8.4)


  1. Love to try this game in PCs. Thanks for posting.

  2. Yup it's fantastic computer game series, both Heroes and Might & Magic, if you can overcome bit older graphics that is.

    I think Heroes series graphics have aged bit better. One of the best fantasy game series released imo, and not quite as serious by tone as AD&D games tend to be. Fun games fun times.

  3. I got me M&M 1-9 for not playing them a while! Well actually I never played parts 8 and 9 for good. They aren't regarded good as the previous but I'll give them a try gladly.

    M&M 6-7 are gold, if you're looking for bit more updated graphics, other than that M&M 3, 4, and 5 are also a blast, with bit more dated graphics.