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Gamers Dungeon's Classic Game Quiz - 100 Questions of 90's games and then some

Friday, 6 April 2012

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(Running 'till midnight of this Sunday EST 8.4)

I made this quiz of 100 questions, if you really have nothing to do, then you might as well run through this heavy set of questions. Each question has four choices and one right answer.

The quiz is mainly about 90's games from PC, with some other questions from 80's NES and Mega Drive, and few nuts to crack about game music composers, and developers added in to spice it up. This way it's a bit all-around knowledge quiz of games, but emphasize is on 90's games.

If you've played early 90's dungeon crawler rpg's and the original Nintendo, you should be just fine! The quiz should embed below, at least with Chrome.

If you see blank space, go to do the quiz at this address! Feel free to share your high score with us.

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