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Win Amazon gift card or game from GOG - What's your favorite game ever and why?

Friday, 30 March 2012

Note: This competition has been ended and the prizes have been e-mailed for winners!

  • Deathstrap won $14,77 worth gift card
  • GrumpyWookie2 won $11,60 worth Amazon gift card
  • Tatyanalgreen15 won $5,99 GOG game of his choice 
    • who wanted to forfeit and give it off to someone else more in the need - no 4th place partaker - so prize was granted to the winner Deathstrap - who chose Ultima VII Complete Edition.
Congrats for all the winners!


Thanks to our readers for your support, thegamersdungeon has generated little bit of ad revenue. We thought it would be fun to hold a little competition and give some of that revenue to our readers in form of prizes. The competition starts immediately and ends at 23.59pm EST this Sunday, 1st Apr next Sunday 8th Apr. Extended because no replies yet.

Here's what you have to do: post a reply to this article (at the bottom of the page) and tell us what do you think is the best game ever that you have played, and explain why it is the best game for you. Game from any gaming console, or computer from any era counts. Plain and simple. Remember to either include your e-mail address at the end of your reply to the thread.

Answer example: "I really think that The Legend Of Zelda from NES is best game ever because it's epic feel and large scale adventure." etc.

or reply without e-mail included to the article, but in addition also e-mail to ( the very same answer that you posted as a reply to this post (that way you'r e-mail is left hidden of others if you wish, but we know how to contact you with e-mail if you win - and give you the gift card claim code). If you choose this route, reply both this post and our e-mail within short period of time, so none can't steal your answer and claim the price by it.

Your favorite game does not need to be flawless on all it's areas, just tell us what's the game you had most fun with, what was memorable in it, and what made it fantastic gaming experience?

We'll will pick out three our favorite answers and give prizes to them. Winners will be announced to this post at the beginning of the week after 8th Apr. If only one replies, the rest of prizes (2nd, 3rd) will be saved for later competitions (only reply wins prize 1 obviously). We're giving away:

  • Prize 1: $14,77 gift card to
  • Prize 2: $11,60 gift card to
  • Prize 3: $5,99 priced game from of your choice

Please note that in order to claim a gift card you will have to have account (specifically .com, NOT .ca, or any other extension), or create one. You can also always re-gift the card claiming code to someone else who has account if you don't have it.

Same goes for in part of third prize. You'll have to have an account to claim the gift. If you win third prize, register GOG and browse their catalogue, and tell me which $5.99 costing game download you want, and I'll send you a gift card to claim that specific game!

Have fun, be creative, and enjoy reading others answers too. Be respectful towards others opinions.


  1. Nintendo because it is an classic game system that even your grandparents know about it

  2. Hello. Please refer to the rules: best GAME from any gaming system, and why? Not best gaming system. :)

    I'm sorry that the post image might be bit misleading (in case someone missed post title). I did not want to include any artwork from any games to this posts, because I felt it may influence to vote those games. Which is why there's only gaming system logos.

    Lets also revise these competition rules here:

    1.What's best Game ever for you, and why?

    2.Reply to this article

    3.Include e-mail address to your reply so I can contact you if you're the winner
    3.1 If you don't want to include e-mail here, leave it off your reply to this article, but in addition e-mail the the very same reply of yours also to, this way, I have a way to contact you!

    You have to follow those steps in order to take part. Have fun!

  3. Mario brothers because its the only game that i play that i can actualy win the whole thing


  5. Hmm.. I'd have to say my most favorite game to play was 'Legend of Hero Tonma'. That was way back for the TurboGrafx-16, and it was one of the first games I ever played or at least was able to remember as a kid. Wish it wasn't hard to find nowadays. The game made ghost and goblins look easy.

  6. Looking back ( a really long time ago ) I would have to go with Starcraft 1 (on the computer), there's just something about that game's atmosphere that made complete sense in every respect, I wasn't a big fan of the competitiveness of the game back then, but I loved both the single-player and the multiplayer custom games, it really bought on a new perspective for me on game re-playability and longevity. Thinking back on all of that now, just brings a smile to my face :).

    By the way, thanks for giving me the chance to share this.

  7. Allright. Keep'em coming. Thanks for all who have replied this far, at least we have enough now so all the prizes can be given out to three people in next week without extending the period because of no-votes!

    I'm participating with.. just kidding, competition creator cannot participate :) But to take part on the conversation, there's plenty of great games different ways.

    My top spot would compete probably between Fallout 1/2, Jagged Alliance 2 and Heroes Of Might & Magic II and III. But it's a tough decision. Even NES had some great games. X-Com series was great fun, and I spent a lot of time with Realms Of Arkania: Shadows Over Riva (yes hardcore rpg'ers, I know you think it's the worst of the trilogy but I loved it.)

    I've been reading some old game magazines from 90's to lately and boy do I find some games I've long forgotten.

  8. Allright competition has ended! Prizes will be delivered shortly. Thanks for all the few who participated. Only 3 took part meaning, that everyone won something. :)

    i just wanted to tell you thank you for the prize but i cannot accept it because i feel there are probably people who want the prize more than me

  10. Allrighty. If you don't want it, then you're giving that price away for the winner (position 1.). Is this ok with you?

    Thanks for taking part anyways.:)