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Brian Fargo, the producer of Wasteland and Fallout games, goes live with Wasteland 2 kickstarter

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Wasteland 2 donation program has gone live
if you intend to donate - Go to InXile Wasteland 2 donation page
(Hint: Donate $15 and consider that as a pre-ordering downloadable copy)

Time for some less commercial news report. Does anyone remember Wasteland, a computer role-playing game released for PC at 1988? Many of you may well not know the game, but perhaps it will get you more exited if I tell you that Wasteland in many ways was a predecessor for Fallout franchise. Fallout games were hugely incluenced by Wasteland, and it's possible they wouldn't ever been made as such, if Wasteland was never released.

Wasteland contained post-apocalyptic roleplaying-setting set in the middle of 21st century, following a nuclear was between United States and Soviet Union, whereas the Earth has suffered heavy damage by the war, turning to "a wasteland" by most areas. The world setting is very much like in Fallout. The difference is, that in Wasteland instead of one character, you create a party of four. You explore the post-apocalyptic world very much in veins of Fallout, or actually, Fallout in veins of Wasteland to be correct with the release order. In Wasteland you also have skills and their usage quite similar to Fallout, like science for example, which you can try to use almost to any object. Lockpicking is also a vital skill. The world area was viewed as top-down, and was freely explorable, containing various NPCs and quests to find, stores to barter at, and treasures to be found. Even if you didn't play Wasteland, but did play Fallout, you know the drill, in exception of the party creation in Wasteland.

(Original Wasteland - released at 1988, PC)
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One of the lead designers of the game was Brian Fargo, also behind Bard's Tale the game. Fargo also did designing, developing, or producing with the game projects such as Descent, Baldur's Gate and Fallout. He has held the license for Wasteland games almost a decade for now. Just recently rumors started to appear, that a sequel to Wasteland, after 24 years of the first one, could see the light of the day. Nobody probably did believe the news until Brian Fargo, designer of the original, gave out few interviews about the subject, and he has now also opened a blog considering the progress of Wasteland 2 development! The game will be developed by Brian Fargo and InXile Entertainment. The latest information also tells, that Fargo has acquired Michael A. Stackpole in their development team ranks. Stackpole is a science fiction and fantasy author best known from Battletech and Star Wars books. On gaming field he's been a partaker in development of games like Interplay's Wasteland (Yes he's also from the original game's team!), Bard's Tale III, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, and Star Trek: Judgement Rites.

If this isn't enough, you should also know that the soundtrack composer of the Fallout 1 and 2, a man called Mark Morgan, is supposed to be a composer for Wasteland 2. This was announced by Fargo at Twitter earlier on - who told that InXile Entertainment has hired Mark Morgan to do Wasteland 2 soundtrack. Morgan made the brilliant ambient soundtrack for Fallout 1 & 2 games, has it stuck to your head like a glue? Well it has in mine. Those games had some of the most atmospheric ambient music ever heard in computer gaming history. The sirens of the Military base, eerie church bell music in the cathedral, or radiation filled sound track from the mysterious The Glow. Take your pick. If Morgan does the soundtrack for Wasteland 2 as rumored, I bet it's going to be quite awesome as good game music can really get the atmosphere high, and give feeling of the specific game areas.

(Just one of Mark Morgan's terrific ambient musical scores from Fallout 1)

The release of the Wasteland 2 is not 100% certain yet though, Fargo states that game will be made - IF - if gets the proper funding. Fargo stresses about the game publishers not giving funding to any other than commercial projects, like fps games these days. We've all seen what that has done to old classic franchises like X-Com and Syndicate, killing their origins totally. Due to this, Fargo has decided that he attempts to get Wasteland 2 done as "a kickstarter project", completely funded by the fanbase. It's 100% based on donations, and people who donate will get rewards depending of the donation amount. 

Check early suggestions of the Wasteland 2 donation rewards on our other article. I really hope for the guy that this turns out well, since games like this aren't made much anymore. Actually games like Wasteland and Fallout 1 & 2 are getting more rare every day, which is sad reality in gaming business. The best we get are games like Skyrim, or perhaps Crusader Kings, of which the first mentioned is commercial but fun, and the last is one of the only true old fashioned releases coming out for computers recently.

(Wasteland 1 back cover - 1988, PC)

"Ultimately it will be up to the supporters whether the long awaited sequel to Wasteland gets made", Fargo states in his Wasteland 2 blog at

In an Rpg-Codex interview Fargo states loosely, that game would stay quite true to it's roots and it would come out as "top down, party and turn based game which has always been a great formula." He continues "it will also be a larger party most likely following the game vibe of the first Wasteland with 4 player characters and 3 NPC's in your group. I always thought of having just 3 players in a group didn't feel like a real party based game."

Rpg-Codex also interviewed Michael A. Stackpole earlier this month about charater and dialogue system of the upcoming Wasteland 2, and will it stick to the game's roots or present something in terms of modern Rpg that we've seen over last decade or so. Stackpole basically states, that while it would be stupid to ignore modern Rpg's and their influence totally, they are still basing the upcoming Wasteland 2 mostly on it's original roots, with perhaps - expanding some systems in terms of what newer computers are capable of doing these days. When asking Stackpole about how will Character system, attributes and skill usage stick to the franchise's origins, Stackpole replies:

"To preserve what players loved about Wasteland, the only real choice will be to build upon the original style of system and expand it. We did a lot with very few resources back then. I can't tell you the number of times Alan and I would be talking on the phone with tons of great ideas, but knew we were limited to a tiny number of them because of the limitations of computers and memory back then. --- We're already discussing new elements to add and systems that will make things seamless for the players."

Regarding conversations between the player and NPC's, Stackpole states that his favorite area is to make up ways how following different conversation lines affect the outcome, how will NPC's react to players actions, and to his conversation choices - how they feel about different choices player does and makes. He also states that it's important to make player think what the NPC is up to when talking - is he lying, or telling the thruth? "What is said isn't as important as how it makes folks feel. That's for the player. Determining how the NPCs feel and how that tempers their responses is just one more fun part of the design.", Stackpole tells.

Fargo tells that his role in game development will be big, also in creative aspect. He will take part in the beginning and the end of the project, and try to make sure the team is right to make the game such as it's supposed to come out as - classic Wasteland one style of an rpg. You can real full interview of Brian Fargo at Rpg-Codex at here and Michael A. Stackpole's interview at here. I personally wish the best for Brian Fargo, Stackpole & The team to bring this sequel out, sign me up as one of the excited gamers to get to play Wasteland 2 in future!

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