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Wasteland 2 - Proposed Kickstarter Rewards Revealed

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

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Wasteland 2 donation program has gone live
if you intend to donate - Go to InXile Wasteland 2 donation page
(Hint: Donate $15 and consider that as a pre-ordering downloadable copy)

Few days ago we unveiled the story about possible upcoming sequel for classic 1988 released PC game "Wasteland". The game's to be developed by InXile Entertainment and persons such as Brian Fargo & Michael A. Stackpole - two men who were designers/developers for Interplay at it's prime times. They were also on it with original Wasteland game. Wasteland 2 will be "Kickstarter project" and totally crowd funded.

InXile Entertainment has announced at their forums, that people who donate for the game development will be given different rewards depending of their amount of donation. The donation rewards range from smallest $15 donation for a Steam PC Download to massive $10 000 donation reward. Bare in mind that these following rewards are only on planning stage and are not yet written in stone, they may get some changes later on. The first plan has twelve different rewards depending of the donation's amount all together. Let's take a look on few most important rewards:

  • For $15 donation you'll get copy of the game via Steam for PC + Special skill and weapon only available for those who helped to fund the project. This is the cheapest donation reward. You get the game!
  • For $50 Is the cheapest amount that you get large boxed copy of Wasteland 2, including cloth game map and old school comprehensive instruction manual.
  • For $100 you get Collector's edition boxed version of the game with in-game soundtrack, the manual with back story, a Wasteland 2 miniature, faction badge, Wasteland 2 episodic novella created by Michael A. Stackpole, and your name in Special Thanks section.

Now let's look some high amount donations. I'm not going to list everything of them, but some special things you get by donating more. For example $250 donation grants you an autographed boxed collector's edition by Brian Fargo, Alan Palvish, Michael Stackpole, and other key development team members. In addition you'll get 2 digital download copies and then some. Sounds cool?

Want to become an actual NPC in the Wasteland 2? No problem, with donation of $1000 you'll get to be NPC, Weapon or Location within the very game world of Wasteland 2, in addition you get 5 digital copies and some other stuff, to gift for your friends for example. If that isn't insane enough for you, then for $5000 donation you can also be a Statue within the game world, carefully crafted from a picture of you. Be a part of Wasteland 2 history.

For $10 000 you get all the goodies of the smaller donations, but in addition also invitation to a private party hosted by Brian Fargo, Alan Palvish and the other key members of the team, feel free to discuss whatever you like. You'll also get 50 copies of the game to do whatever you want with them. Remember, that all those higher donations also contain some little niceties that I didn't mention. If you think about donating for Wasteland 2, be sure to read InXile Entertainment forums for full article about donation rewards, plus for all future articles!

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