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Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG Rumored To be Announced Soon

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Might Elder Scrolls franchise go for MMORPG as next? That may seem natural move by Bethesda and Zenimax ever since creating five "regular" cRPG's for the franchise in the past - considering there's market for MMORPG, proven by the latest partaker for the genre Star Wars: The Old Republic.

It's been no secret that Zenimax is developding MMOG, and Elder Scrolls would fit into the picture. Although not confirmed news, and Bethesda refuses to comment on rumors, several online magazines believe this rumor to be true. Zenimax has currently 38 open positions for jobs, which are all related to "unnannounced massively multiplayer online game".

According to anonymous "industry source", Elder Scrolls MMO would take place 1000 years before Skyrim events and hundreds of years before happenings of the first Elder Scrolls games Arena and Daggerfall. The game would boost at least three factions, each represented with a banner: Lion, Dragon and yet unnamed Bird of Prey.

According to "Tom's Guide", they had three anonymous sources to confirm these rumors, and it's believed that Bethesda may come out with official announcement about Elder Scrolls MMO at next E3 fair this June, in addition with presentation at Quakecon 2012. The game might be called plain and simple "Elder Scrolls Online".

While there's definitely room for a new MMORPG, I personally hope that Bethesda and Zenimax don't come out with another World Of Warcraft, or The Old Republic clone. Hopefully they can win the main problem plaguing MMORPGs with repetitive grinding quests and boring leveling.

Then again one have to remember that Bethesda won legal brawl for rights of Fallout MMOG last month, claiming them from Interplay. Are those rights saved for later use?

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