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New gaming systems and media are bound to break?

Sunday, 29 January 2012

It's been quite annoying day -- my bit over three years old Xbox 360 Dvd-Rom drive showed signs of wearing out this winter, but today it finally didn't want to read Skyrim Dvd other than very rarely. I went into youtube and pre-checked how to open up the Xbox. In addition to this I found out my most blog articles being stolen and published as such by Filed complaints and got on with my Xbox issue. So I opened up the Xbox and cleaned Dvd-Drive laser, then put pieces back together. Now it doesn't read anything, damnit, just makes two sounds at the beginning sounding like a frog and asking for a Dvd when it's in the drive.

This made me wonder, are modern consoles crap in terms of durability? Three years old Xbox 360 is actually quite "ok" without problems before this, but it still isn't that well done. My brother also had Xbox which got "red ring of death" before it was even one year old, luckily it went for warranty which is rare since all systems tend to break right after two years (or so) warranty has wore off. Is it just coincidence that his Xbox broke within year and mine in about three? I've done some reading and breaking Xbox Dvd-Drive seems to be quite common, many have had it broken way earlier than three years. That's quite stunning. On the other hand my bro now owns Playstation 3, which has been without technical problems for few years, that's something. I think I might go for Playstation when next gen consoles hit the stores.

This is not an issue only with consoles, but also with computers. Especially Harddisks and Dvd-Drives tend to break fast. My average lifetime for HD Drive has been around 3-4 years, and around 3 for Dvd Drive. That's short time for an average in my opinion. It's not only the drives, but the media itself too. Cd-Roms, although durability-wise step back from old game cartridges, could still take loads of scratches in them and still work in most drives. They just got scratched rather easily. Then Dvd-rom hit the markets, and in my experience is more than twice as much sensitive to scratches than Cd-Rom. Now we have Blu-ray, I don't even wanna know. Keeping your media in good condition has became quite important, yet when you do, your drive is bound to break down. I've to mention that some Graphics cards are rather durable though, my old good Ati X800 series took years of quite hard overclocking without any extra cooling and would still be working if I didn't buy new computer.

You know what is still up and running without problems? My old good Nes and few of the cartridges I've bought lately since I sold my old ones way back. They are all from late 80's. Same applies for Snes console and games. Twenty years old and still working, that's absolutely awesome comparing to the crap that tends to have lifetime of average three years and break down just after warranty has ended. One thing I need to give Xbox 360 credit though is the great controllers, the buttons are quite durable. Sure Nes controller can take loads of more hits, but the buttons tend to wear out perhaps slightly faster (they still last quite fine too). What do you think?

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