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Factory Sealed/Mint NES and SNES games at - Chapter two - Zelda and Metroid

Friday, 27 January 2012

The second chapter will consist Zelda and Metroid franchise games on Snes and Nes consoles in sealed or mint condition from Games with no sealed/mint conditioned copy for sale currently are left off the list.

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So you want to buy Nintendo 8-bit or Super Nintendo 16-bit games factory sealed, either or mint condition (Check if there's factory sealed NES console or factory sealed SNES console available)? Perhaps you're just curious about the prices? Let's bring some items on a table to drool at. They are quite pricy especially if sealed -- which means you most likely want one just in collection purposes and have the game as non-sealed already. Sealed up games are worth a lot. Other than that you could just enjoy a mint quality game, which isn't sealed anymore but has all the manuals and box in good condition, thus also making it worth quite a bit, but also playable. As hint you may always check Ebay for possibly cheaper deals also.

Notifications: Be extra careful if you decide to buy one of the expensive sealed items -- I'd perhaps advice to contact the seller about the item and view his user ratings! In addition be sure to read item's description and find out that the region code matches your concole's region. Most of these games are US versions meaning they are compatible with US consoles. Please view the previous NES and SNES article about the area codes. I take no responsibility of sellers provided information about the game's condition etc.

I'm leaving off any seller with suspiciously low User rating! Non-rated will be accepted but be careful. By clicking seller name you get to view all his current items. Many sellers have several interesting games!


The Legend Of Zelda (1986) is the one and only original Zelda game. Well actually that's not completely true. Zelda was already presented by one of the Nintendo's released "Game & Watch" games. They were sort of a pocket games, each piece only contained one game -- they were sort of predecessors for Gameboy. I have one of those Zelda Game & Watch games myself.. :) Anyway, The Zelda presented there was actually static platformer and really simple one. The Legend Of Zelda (Nes) was the game that brought the franchise to the point we all know the series from, with top-down view, an adventure game with rpg elements and open world. Some actually call this rpg and some doesn't, it's a matter where you draw the line. It was also one of the earlier Nes games to be released. The game succesfully hit the markets with huge following and many sequels to come for several console generations up untill today. Three Zeldas for sale as sealed right now, but one seller is so untrustworthy we're going to leave him off.

  • $185.00 "In original box. Game in plastic with Nintendo sleeve. All books. Excellent Condition." -KLumpkin (No seller rating yet).
  • $549.00 "Brand New, Factory sealed with Horizontal seam! This game is from the first, original gold cartridge release in 1987! Box is in near mint condition!! Not many around anymore" -abercrombiestud81 (Seller rating 4.9/5.0 out of 19 ratings).

Zelda II: Adventure of The Link (1987) was also quite well received game, but it changed combat sequences into sidescrolling platform action. This didn't please all fans. However the game in it's heart is still very similar to the prequel and can hold it's own ground. Four pieces out there as sealed.

  • $249.95 "FACTORY SEALED! The wrap is torn a bit on the side, but it's been stored in a plastic bag. Also a few corners are a bit worn. Otherwise, an awesomely rare collector's piece! Very clean and even has the original Kay-Bee toys price sticker intact." -Bottomless Pit Of Treasure (Seller rating 4.7/5.0 out of 142 ratings, 93% positive).
  • $269.99 "Brand New in sealed box. Excelent shape. NesClassic Serries." -Happy Dad's Video Games (No seller rating yet).
  • $274.95 "This is brand new sealed in very nice condition and it does have the seam on the back. It is the original classic series version. It comes in a priority mail box for protection." -Projectmario (Seller rating 4.9/5.0 out of 274 ratings, 100% positive).
  • $299.95 "Zelda II NES 'Classic Series version' (Brand New - Vga Graded 85+ Gold Rating) I will bubble wrap the Vga case and mail the game well protected inside a box to ensure it arrives to you quickly and safely." -Level 99 Games (Seller rating 4.9/5.0 out of 49 ratings, 100% positive).

Metroid (1986) is one of the most known, oldest and classic side scrolling platformers from Nes. This game had unique dark sci-fi world to explore and enemies to shoot at. You'd need to discover specific items from the world to unlock your way to the next place, but the game was otherwise free and about discovery of exploration. Player takes place of Samur Aran, whos out to rescue planet Zebes, that is being overran by evil Mother Brain and her evil forces. Nes Metroid also started one well known Nintendo franchise for sequels to come for many newer generation consoler. Four pieces as sealed but one untrusted seller and one unknown, be vary.

  • $293.94 "Brand new, factory sealed with h seam and hanging tab. Has some small rips and minor discoloration." -Fun Times And More (Seller rating 4.6/5.0 out of 366 ratings, 91% positive).
  • $599.99 "Factory sealed video game graded by vga (video game authority), a third party grading service, as a 80. Game comes sealed in a museum quality acrylic case." -Brian's Toys (Seller rating 4.9/5.0 out of 17 777 ratings).
  • $999.91 "Factory sealed with h-seam and hanging tab. There are no tears on the plastic. There are some dents and a little discoloration on the front, other than that it is near mint condition." -zendu2000 (No seller rating yet)


The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past (1991) was one and only Super Nintendo Zelda game, and definitely responded into fans hunger more than perfectly. Considered as probably best Snes adventure rpg along Chrono Trigger, and considered as one of the best games ever released by many gamers also. The game once again did bring Zelda series to it's roots with top-down view also in action sequences, only making the game bigger, better and more beautiful looking with 16-bit graphics. Pure classic. Ten available ranging from ~$400 to $1 000:

  • $275.00 "New,still factory sealed,this is the players choice edition,box is near perfect shape..Right front bottom corner slightly-very slightly rounded" -Al's Click And Get Toys (Seller rating 4.9/5.0 out of 148 ratings, 97% positive).
  • $294.00 "Brand new and sealed! Mint condition. Players choice edition" -continental767 (Seller rating 4.5/5.0 out of 19 ratings, 84% positive so be a bit vary).
  • $399.99 "All products shipped brand new / sealed from manufacturer. Brand new condition (not sealed). Expedited processing to ship same day with full insurance!! Ships same day excluding payments received after 3pm(est) and weekends." -O' My Games (Seller rating 4.9/5.0 out of 1153 ratings, 98% positive).
  • $420.00 "Brand new factory sealed with the official v-seam player's choice version mint condition no shelf ware ready for grading i have never seen such a perfect shape game this old i will have it sent in a strong box so you get it safe thanks for looking" -Worldsgamestore (Seller rating 4.8/5.0 out of 406 ratings, 96% positive).
  • $475.24 "Brand New, factory sealed." -Books_Jubilee (Seller rating 4.9/5.0 out of 727 ratings, 99% positive).
  • $500.00 "This is the player's choice version. This is brand new, never opened. (ask seller if this means sealed to be sure)." -SmallBiz Store (Seller rating 5.0/5.0 out of 2 ratings).
  • $650.00 "This is for a Brand New, Unopened, Still Sealed, VGA Silver 75 Copy of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past. I found this a couple of months ago tucked away in some moving boxes and wanted to list it for any collectors. With the advice of some people, I took it in to get it graded by the Video Game Authority here in Roswell, GA, and it came out with a Silver 75, Excellent + Condition, Near Mint Grading. This is an amazing item for any of you collectors out there. It is encased in an Acrylic Case that is UV Protected, so it won't fade, scratch, rip, or anything like that. There is a tear in the wrapping on the back that is shown in the pictures from the after purchase damage. And it still received such a great rating. This is a great item to buy now...especially with the 25th Anniversary of this particular item coming up in 6 years. This is also the ORIGINAL copy. Not the Player's Choice Copy that was released a few years later. Everything is Original, and ready to be shipped. Please ask me if you have any questions. It comes from a Smoke Free, Pet Free Household, and is already in the Case." -PeterChu (No seller rating yet)
  • $779.95 "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Snes Brand New (Black label - Vga Graded 85 NM+ Silver Rating) There is a store sticker in the upper right corner of the front cover. *** I will bubble wrap the case and mail the game well protected inside a box to ensure it arrives to you quickly and safely."-Level 99 Games (Seller rating 4.9/5.0 out of 49 ratings, 100% positive).
  • $899.95 "Original, not pc. Brand new factory sealed. Box is in great shape with h-seam. Guaranteed authentic" -AnnieMay (Seller rating 4.9/5.0 out of 659 ratings, 98% positive)
  • $1 000.00 "Super fast shipping! Brand new, never been opened. Still in package from the manufacturer. Nearly perfect condition. Very light wear on plastic wrap. Hardly noticable. Players choice version. Fantastic game. Collector's Item!" -davidmills (Seller rating 4.9/5.0 out of 55 ratings).

Super Metroid (1994) was one of the later era Snes games, and one of the most advanced ones. With 24 Megabyte memory it was largest game ever released for Super Nintendo by size and included memory slot for saved games. It continued where the first Nes Metroid left us, continuing with the veins of it. Gameplay remained very similar to the original sidescroller, but amount of hidden areas and such was increased to reward exploration even better this time. Also new skills/weapons were presented making the arsenal bigger this time. This game is about par as classic as Zelda on Snes and looks totally beautiful graphically for a 16-bit game, and by the way awesome atmosphere and soundtrack. Has more than couple of pieces as sealed:

  • $209.99 "Next business day shipping factory sealed, small tear to seal" -Orlando Shopper (Seller rating 4.9/5.0 out of 506 ratings, 98% positive).
  • $219.99 "Brand new, factory sealed. Still has original K-mart sticker dated 12-1997 and sensor tag. Small tear in the seal on bottom right corner. Also on same end is a minor dent in the cardboard." -chrispanic (Seller rating 4.8/5.0 out of 40 ratings, 95% positive).
  • $299.99 "Item is sealed with vertical seal on back. Item is in great condition! Ships within 48 hours of purchase with 3 to 5 business day delivery." -Just Us Games, Movies And Toys (Seller rating 4.9/5.0 out of 115 ratings, 99% positive).
  • $450.00 "factory sealed great gift price sticker on plastic wrap" -bookmyzer (Seller rating 4.9/5.0 out of 361 ratings, 99% positive).
  • $459.95 "Super metroid (brand new - factory sealed original black label) this game is brand new - factory sealed with the official vertical seam down the back of the box. - a few of the corners are poking through the seal. - there is a light scuff to the seal in the back top left corner. - there is a light crease along the bottom edge of the left side of the box. - overall the game is still in very good to excellent factory sealed condition. *** i will bubble wrap the game and mail it inside a priority mail small flat-rate box to ensure it arrives to you quickly and safely !" -Level 99 Games (Seller rating 4.9/5.0 out of 49 ratings, 100% positive).
  • $999.95 "Super metroid super nintendo (original black label - brand new vga 85) this game is brand new and factory sealed with the official v-seam down the back of the box. - this game was vga graded and received an 85 nm+ silver rating. *** i will bubble wrap the game and mail it well protected inside a box to ensure it arrives to you quickly and safely !" -Level 99 Games (Seller rating 4.9/5.0 out of 49 ratings, 100% positive).

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