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COMPETITION: Coolest Skyrim Character Screenshot

Monday, 30 January 2012

Lets hold a little Skyrim competition, which gives you a chance to present us your Skyrim character and best screenshot of him. Be creative, it doesn't have to be close up, it can be far shot presenting beautiful landscape, sunset or such, as long as your character is to be seen clearly in picture also. This competition is held by Gamers Dungeon ( -- if you're reading this article at somewhere else, I advice you to visit our page instead to take part. The competition will end 20.02.2012, unless less than ten partakers, which will extend period to take part to the competition untill 29.02.2012, when it will then end no matter how many sent their screenshot. I'm gifting some used Xbox and Pc games to winner and second place.

*** Competition has ended inconclusively - unfortunately none wanted to take a part since I did not receive any e-mails from partakers. Perhaps the next time with better prizes / bigger reader base. However if you still wish to share your character, you can e-mail me and if we get more than a few characters with bio, I may release them as a post later on. ***

I'm gifting some of these games to place 1st and 2nd, see details at the end of the post

This is what you need to do to qualify for competition. Provide us the following:

  • One quality screenshot of your character. Don't send more. However try to keep size less than 2Mb to assure it gets through with the e-mail.
  • Short bio description of your character
    • Who he/she is (race, level, how you role-play your character, what are your main skills to focus, evil or good)? 
    • What your character loves (for example Nord ladies)?
    • What your character hates (for example chicken)?
  • Your contact info
    • Alias (to be presented when winners are published, doesn't have to be real name)
    • Name, address, country, contact e-mail and any other necessary contact information in case you win, so I can mail your your prize. (your name won't be published in winners-blog-post unless it's the same as your alias)
  • Your choice of three games out of the "prize list" if you win (Max. two Xbox 360 games, read more below and see "the list"), this speeds up process to sort prizes for winners.
  • Send all this to and remember, the screenshot counts most -- but we'd very much like to hear about your character a bit also!

Competition rules:

  • Use only your own personal screenshots, using someone else's images from internet is prohibited and will lead to disqualification
  • Competition ends in three weeks, at 20.02.2012 23:59:00 GMT +2 (Mid European time +2 hours).
    • If there's less than ten partakers at the above mentioned day, then we will run extra round and end the competition at 29.02.2012 23:59:00 GMT +2 -- no matter how many sent their screenshot
  • 1st Place Winner gets to pick three games out of the "prize list" in additional rules of:
    • Maximum two Xbox 360 games, no other restrictions.
  • 2nd Place Winner gets to pick three games out of the remaining games of "prize list", after 1st Place Winner has picked three games of his choice first, in additional rules of:
    • Maximum two Xbox 360 games, no other restrictions.
  • By taking part in Gamers Dungeon competition, you give rights to use your Character's image in our Skyrim posts (we will be publishing the best screenshots in a blog post when competition ends, as well do we announce prize winners). However we are not using your personal contact information to any other purpose than mailing you your prize if you win.
  • We don't use your real name when we announce winner, we use your alias, if your alias is same than the real name, it's the only case we do.
  • Stay in touch after competition ends, I will be sending winners e-mail when competition is over to your provided "contact e-mail", if you don't respond within a week, then I may grant the prize to the next position winner.
  • I take no responsibility of any prizes getting damaged or lost in the mail, but I truly hope everything gets through normally
  • Also notice that prizes are to be posted from Finland, so reaching the States for example will take time, and I will play any costs regarding mailing.

Prize list of the three games of your choice, remember, 1st Place picks first, 2nd Place picks of the remaining. Maximum two Xbox 360 games per winner. These games are used, thus some of them will have scratches and most don't have manuals. However I'm positive that every each should work fine. For older Pc games, use DosBox.

Win three games of your choice:

Xbox 360 Games (max two):
  • Burnout Paradise (some scratches)
  • Modern Warfare 2 (very good quality, has original key)
  • Midnight Clud Los Angeles (almost unused)
  • Street Fighter IV (almost unused)

PC Games (no restriction, but max 3 all together):
  • Battlefield 2 (DVD, has manual with original key)
  • Battlezone II (jewelcase, slight scratches, good, no manual or box)
  • Need For Speed: Underground 2 (CD1 very good, CD 2 good-, has manual with original key)
  • Terra Nova (jewelcase, very good-, manual, no box)
  • Total Annihilation : Kingdoms (jewelcase, very good, has original key, no manual or box)
  • Z (jewelcase, pretty much scratches, poor, but works, no manual or box)

Let's see how this turns out, hopefully we get some competitors so I can mail you my prize gifts.

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