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Your Guide to Skyrim - Console Commands (Cheats)

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Not a big fan of cheats, but sometimes when you're literally done with the game, or want to mess around it might be a fun to give it a shot. Also if getting stuck in game, some of the commands may help. Opening the console can be done through the tilde-key (~), it sits before the "1" key and under the ESC-key. So here are bunch of console commands for you to experiment with:

  • tgm - Good ol' God Mode means you're completely invulnerable to everything
  • tcl - Fly mode
  • unlock - Simply highlight the door or chest you want to unlock, and type "unlock" into the console.
  • psb - Get all spells
  • player.advlevel - Automatically level up
  • caqs - Automatically complete all the stages of your primary quest
  • showracemenu - Readjust your looks - but this will reset your level and skills.
  • player.modav skill X - Where "skill" is the skill you want to modify, and X is the amount you want to modify it by. Skills are inputted via their in-game names without spaces, apart from Archery which is "Marksman", and Speech, which is known as "Speechcraft".
  • player.additem ITEM ### - Every single item in Skyrim has a code, a bit like an Argos catalogue of fantasy objects. You'll find them all on this GameFront page - replace "ITEM" with the item's code, and "###" with the number of items you want. Now your dreams of owning 47 cabbage potato soups can come true.
  • player.additem 0000000f ### - A simple way to get some free gold - any number between 001 and 999 will do.
  • player.additem 0000000a "###" - Running low on lockpicks? Enter the number you require here and they'll magically appear.
  • addshout - Combine with the codes on this Wikia page to add your selected shout.
  • tm - Toggles all in-game menus
  • tmm - Followed by 0 or 1 turns map markers on or off.
  • tfc - You will be able to access the flycam
  • tai - Disable/Enable AI
  • tcai - Turns combat AI on or off
  • tdetect - Turns business detection (stealing, murdering, doing a poo in the woods etc) on or off. You'll still get caught if you try pickpocketing, though.
  • player.setcrimegold ### - Adjust your wanted level with this handy command - setting it to zero resets your current amount of wantedness.
  • player.setlevel ## - Up or down your player level as you see fit.
  • player.setav speedmult ### - Set your desired running speed.
  • movetoqt - Go straight to your quest target.
  • kill - Target the thing you want to kill, type this command and they'll fall over.
  • killall - Kills everything in the vicinity. Literally everything.
  • help - Lists every single console command. 
  • resurrect - Resurrect character.
  • player.modav carryweight # - Set your maximum carry weight
  • setpcfame # - Set your fame level.
  • setpcinfamy # - Set up infamous level.
  • player.setav fatigue # - Set maximum fatigue.
  • player.setav health # - Set maximum health.
  • coc qasmoke - Bethesda's handily included a room with every single in-game item in it - type this command to go straight there. It might take a while to load - there are thousands of items here. Type "coc Riverwood" to return to the game.
  • qqq - Quit the game without having to go through any of those pesky menus.
  • removeallitems - Target a character and type this and you'll get all their items - including their clothes.
  • sexchange - Change your character's gender. 
  • set timescale to # - This defaults at 16 - 1 is realtime. Up it to experience crazy timelapse-style Skyrim.
  • Addfac 1 - Adds the selected NPC to a faction. May cause undesired and buggy AI behavior. Also addtofaction can be used instead of addfac.
    • Addtofaction 19809 1 adds an NPC to the marriage-faction, allowing players to marry this NPC.
    • Addtofaction 0005A1​A4 1 adds an NPC to the player ally faction, which will make a normally hostile NPC no longer hostile towards the player.
    • Addtofaction 000E0CD9 1 adds an NPC or the player to the Bandit Ally Faction, most bandits will no longer attack.
    • Addtofaction 000E0CDA 1 adds an NPC or the player to the Warlock Ally Faction, most warlocks and necromancers will no longer attack.
    • Addtofaction 000E0CDB 1 adds an NPC or the player to the Draugr Ally Faction, most drougr will no longer attack
    • Addtofaction 5C84D 1 adds an NPC to the potentialfollower faction. However, whether or not they'll follow you depends on their disposition towards you.
  • tg - Toggles grass display.
  • ts - Toggles display of skybox and fog.
  • Equipitem - Forces the targetted actor (or your character, if using the "player.equipitem" command instead) to equip a specific item, if it is present in their inventory.
    • The "showinventory" command can be used with this to provide you with the FormID of equippable items in an actor's inventory.
    • You can use this command on yourself (player.equipitem ) to equip weapons that are not normally available in the game. Ex. "player.equipitem 0010ec8a" allows you to equip a Dwarven Sphere Centurian's Crossbow. (Looks like a normal iron bow but glows red)
  • player.addperk - ( 000581e7 for Augmented Flames level 1 ; "player.addperk 000581e7")
    • (To find the perk id type 'help "perk name" 4', then add each level in order). Make sure to put double quotes around perks with a space in them. (This also works with items if you needs to find out their code.)
    • Some perk id's are listed at Console Perk Codes
    • This command is currently glitched and the perks might not take effect.
  • player.removeperk - Removes a learned perk; does not return the point used to gain the perk. Useful for manually respec-ing your character if you have misallocated a perk.
  • Prid - Targets the written Npc, allowing for other commands to be issued to it, good for targeting Npcs that you cant reach/select on screen or fixing quest glitches about Npcs not appearing. (example of usage : type "Prid 0001A677" will first target Jarl of Whiterun even when you can't see him, then other commands such as "kill", "moveto" can be used on him.)

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