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Hungry for some classic games Let's Play videos?

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Since the section is a bit hidden, I'll remind you that the "Let's Play" library still exists in It contains mainly adventure and rpg type games, with some action and was a bit of work to create too.

Unfortunately I won't be updating it anymore since something has happened with Blogger as it doesn't allow me to paste Excel tables anymore into "new post" section properly. Don't know if Google has released update which prevents from linking big tables with links.

However, the list was quite complete anyway. Just that the new and upcoming games won't be updated. Be sure to check it out though! You can sort the list by Year, Genre, Name and Rating (Gamespot score), and there is I think over half thousand let's play videos out there linked, ranging from early as late 80's games to 2011.

When you browse the table just look at the column titled "LP" and every game that has a hyperlink with title "Ye" has a video. Most of them should still be up too, with fast testing out I didn't encounter one broken link yet. The amount is somewhere at +500 videos linked all together.

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  1. I think there are some best games. Last year there were many amazing games produced. But good to see these interesting videos.