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This is how you want to play your Skyrim (Poll Results)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

While I'm doing a guide for Falkreath and Jarl Quests, it's time to do something different. Earlier this week before release of Skyrim we had a poll about this game and we asked you: "how you will play your very first Skyrim character as?". It was included in a post called 26 Ways to Play Skyrim and you all were able to choose multiple choices out of the 26 possibilities for your way of gaming. The results are now in, so lets get on with this and see how totally insane our average reader is, or isn't.

You can view the original post - 26 Ways to Play Skyrim - Here.

87 people answered the poll, quality over quantity right? According to your votes you play your first Skyrim character as:

Most loved race seemed to be Nord, by large margin, while most hated an Orc. You want to play as Play-it-All multiclass hybrid doing plenty of Side-Quests while Adventuring Randomly in the World of Skyrim. You're Character Fanatics caring so much about your characters that creating a character takes you half day -- and you still aren't sure about the nose. You also are keen to hunt treasures, aiming randomly at different caves. Most of you are sensible (congratulations, really, we are surprised), and like to play as a Good Samaritan helping out the ones in need of aid. Yet you have some evil, for many of you like to play Thief Class and steal, which is third most common after Hunter and complete hybrid. So you like to hunt with your bows in wilderness.

Moderate amount of you are "Good Evil", taking evil choices in a plot and quests, yet not killing without any reason at all. This proves even more you like to reason with things. Moderate amount of readers admits being Loading Maniacs, loading right up when getting a scratch in combat, shame on you! Your interest in being Dragon Hunter is average, which is a bit surprising, considering their visibility in the game. You like quite much fooling around as a Joker, trying anything stupid in game world and causing confusion and chaos simply by fooling around with game code and script. Laughter is the best medicine right? Quite average amount is also Insane - killing anyone or anything in sight without respect to anyone, here we go I knew this would come up sooner or later. Pure Warrior and Pure Mage are averagely used but lose on the above mentioned class choices. Main-Quest weighs you only about 1/3 worth of Side-Questing. Elder Scrolls have indeed always been about free exploration!

Fewer of you like to play it Hardcore, avoiding loads and saves all together while going with most challenging character builds and taking up the hard road. Power Playing Skyrim also is not very common, meaning you'd rush and advance the fastest rate possible within game. Not many are Game Restarters constantly restarting games either. Bookworms reading books in Skyrim for their content are quite rare occasion, and you don't admit being a Hippie Alchemist by collecting all the flowers and making some potions to get.. you know.. to feel good. You're not aiming to collect Bounty on your own head. And only a very few readers admits to start Skyrim as A Newbie - not knowing what you're doing here.

All in all you like the free exploration in the open-ended world and side quests very much, while not focusing so much on main quest. You want it Dynamic, not Linear. And yes.. most of you are quite good and sensible type of characters, with average amount of jokers and a few insane killers. Thanks for voting!

End results (not in order of amount voted):

1. Pure Warrior - 11 (12%)
2. Pure Mage - 10 (11%)
3. Hunter - 17 (19%)
4. Thief - 16 (18%)
5. Play-It-All - 30 (34%)
6. Side-Quester - 27 (31%)
7. Main-Quester - 10 (11%)
8. Scavenger/Treasure Hunter - 19 (21%)
9. Random Adventurer - 21 (24%)
10. Good Samaritan - 17 (19%)
11. Good Evil - 14 (16%)
12. Insane - 10 (11%)
13. Newbie - 5 (5%)
14. Hippie Alchemist - 5 (5%)
15. Smith and Enchanter - 9 (10%)
16. Character Fanatic - 19 (21%)
17. Game Restarter - 8 (9%)
18. Loading Maniac - 12 (13%)
19. Hardcore Gamer - 9 (10%)
20. Family Guy - 8 (9%)
21. Bounty Collector - 5 (5%)
22. Bookworm - 7 (8%)
23. Dragon Hunter - 13 (14%)
24. Power Player - 7 (8%)
25. Modding Joe - 4 (4%)
26. Joker - 12 (13%)


  1. Any comments about the different factions?

  2. Where can I find more spells and where can I find water walking and water breathing enchantment

  3. College of Winterhold is a good place for spells.