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Skyrim: Tip Of The Day - Improving Your Khajiit Claws

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Well, since there isn't unarmed skill in Skyrim, one would assume the claws actually will be quite useless -- well this isn't necassarily true. Claws do normally 15 damage, but keep in mind that this is damage per hand. You can play claws as if you did dual wield for example daggers. Doing two handed power attack is not bad at all, of course you cannot block with claws, which is a minus.

Now 15 damage at the beginning stage of the game isn't that bad, it's actually quite good. Claws might turn out to be useless in later game though, which is why you probably should use weapons to raise up one-handed or two-handed skills and use claws in special occasions. One of these are the quests where you have to bully someone for example to pay out a price. Thieves guild first Quest is fine example where you have to rough up three people to get them to pay, and one of the dialogue choices is to "Brawl" where your claws will become handy.

Now when you feel that 15 Damage as dual wielding is getting too low, there's still a change that you'll do pretty well with "dual-wielding" claws, if you find the right gear. There is gear existant in Skyrim that will improve your unarmed attacks damage. I've just came around Gloves Of Pugilist which adds 10 points damage extra per hand for unarmed strikes.

(Gloves Of The Pugilist do 10 extra damage in hand-to-hand)

Now that'd make my each claw to do 25 damage, which certainly takes down Riften Guard half way faster than what I can do by dual wielding two Dwarven Daggers with 12 damage on each -- even with the bonus from perks. Gloves Of Pugilist can be found from an unarmed Bandit inside Ratway (which is by the way your way to Thieves Guild also). Ratway entrance is located in Riften city. Just seek the door below round shaped market place in middle of Riften, near water level.

I'd assume that with finding your right gear which grants bonus to unarmed, Khajiit Claws could well be very competitive choice for one-handed weapons close to the halfway to game. Ofcourse that requires you to find the right items with Unarmed bonus..

There is still one more thing you can do, thanks for one of our readers bringing this up, you can pick up Fists Of Steel perk from Heavy Armor skill tree -- It will grant your hand-to-hand combat as much extra damage than what is your gloves armor rating. Note that the gloves of course have to be heavy armor. The perk requires only 30 skill in Heavy Armor and it second perk to catch, so should be relatively easy even if you're not heavy armor character. It's not stackable with Gloves Of The Pugilist bonus though, because the Perk is for Heavy Armor gloves only while Gloves of Pugilist are Light Armor.

You should be able to however disenchant Gloves Of The Pugilist to learn the very effect of it - extra unarmed damage - I haven't tried this myself and don't know anyone who has, but it's possible you then could enchant Heavy Armor gloves with the enchantment you learned -- thus your enchanted Heavy Armor gloves with unarmed damage bonus now being stackable with Fists Of Steel perk! Thanks for anonymous reader about this tip, if anyone tries this and confirms it works, please let us know! :-)


  1. Also with the combination of the heavy armor perk: Fists of Steel, Unarmed damage can increase even more by adding the armor value of the gauntlets to each attack. I now punch dragons and giants alike with no problems

  2. Aye, thanks for the additional tip :-)

  3. I wonder if it's possible to learn the enchantment from the "gloves of the pugilist"? Doing so would allow you to put the enchantment in some heavy gauntlets, thus stacking with the "fists of steel" perk.

  4. Hmm, fine idea, but I haven't tried that one. My character is kinda bad enchanter, perhaps I might be able to try it out later -- unless someone gets chance to try first.

  5. Do bracers count as gloves for the Fists of steel perk?

  6. You can learn the Unarmed Strike quality if you Disenchant the gloves.
    I haven't tried putting it on Heavy Armor Gloves yet, but I will do so if I end up playing a Khajiit anytime in the near future.

  7. Hey thanks man!
    That sound cool info, think I'll try it out with my Khajiit once I raise some enchanting as I've completely missed that area of the game :)

  8. An easy way to raise enchanting, smithing,& speech. hunt for some pelts, harvest some souls, and mine some iron ore. take said items to any blacksmith(I find whiterun easiest, because of the close proximity of the smelter)and begin crafting iron dagers take them to an arcane enchanter and enchant them with whatever cheap enchantment you have, turning your 10 gold dagger into 180+ gold enchanted dagger making for some easy gold for more ore/soul gems etc. raiseing the 3 respective skills extremely fast.

  9. Sounds like a good formula to raise Enchant, Speech, Smithing:)

  10. been testing the one handed dual attack talents, they seem to be affecting un armed, anyone noticing unarmed decapitations by chance?

  11. What kind of improvements have you noticed and which perks you believe affect? Dual Flurry (Speed) or? I picked up most of those perks before trying out Unarmed at all so I couldn't know if there was any difference ;o


    read the entire post to see why it's on this thread.

    Conjuration: get in a fight, hide somewhere the enemy can not reach you, keep casting bound sword and sheathing it during combat to keep gaining levels. level your conjuration to the point that your bound weapons can soul trap on target. then use them to level your one handed and gain souls while you do so just until you have the dual wielding perk bonuses in one handed as they count towards unarmed. this kills two birds with one stone. :)

    Enchanting: as you gain souls from conjuration feel free to power level this ability by using either items you find to enchant or buying a bunch of cheap crappy clothing from vendors. when your enchanting is high enough you can disenchant the +10 unarmed skill gauntlets you stumble upon on your way down to the ragged flagen or to see esbern and add it to some nice ones as has been said before.

    Smithing: selling all the crappy clothing you buy actually pulls in some good gold when you get high enough, you can use that gold to buy a lot of iron ingot and leather/leather strips. make only iron daggers to start with, then when you are out of iron make sure your leather/strips are as close to a 1 leather to 2 strip ratio as you can. when you have done this you can make leather bracers until those run out, this will power level smithing extremely fast. when you get high enough to make daedric armor (which is the strongest armor you can smith with skill points, even stronger than dragon bone) you can go to the shrine of azura and do her quest, inside the gem you will find 2-4 daedra hearts from killing the daedra inside. pick'em up and make some gloves, then keep enhancing them for extra damage and when your enchanting is maxed out enchant them for maximum damage! :D

  13. Thanks for sharing this tip :)

  14. Getting iron and using transmute to make it gold,melting it,and smithing gold rings is easy and worth mote money so you can keep on working

    Iron ore is 6 gold without speach
    X2 is 12
    Gold rings have player value of 75 but i cant remember sell value