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Skyrim Leaks: Werewolf gameplay and character creation - watch before deleted!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

CURRENT STATUS (Updated Nov 8th):

Zenimax has been driving hard bargain to remove any leaked Skyrim gameplay videos from Youtube. Lucky ones of you have been able to already see embedded Youtube videos at my blog. I'll keep this post updated so if you see gameplay video that is up and running, be quick to watch it for it may go down fast! There are other options / sources to see some gameplay of Skyrim also so read below.

  • Werewolves leak: UP
  • Character Creation leak + Let's Play
    • Embedded from Youtube - UP 1h 22min
    • Let's Play - DOWN untill 11/11/11
    • MegaUpload Gameplay Video 1h 22min - UP (.flv format, get free VLCplayer/Videolan to view for instance)

Don't watch if you don't wanna see anything about this 'till you discover werewolves in Skyrim by yourself! Also if you don't want to see how game begins.

Watch this before the video gets deleted again (it's not my upload). The quality is a bit poor but you can see proof that werewolves are included in Skyrim indeed. Looks interesting! Werewolves in Skyrim appear to be quite evil fellas, they're large and mean just like they should be.

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Leaked Skyrim Werewolf gameplay

Remember to choose your gaming platform before ordering (PC/Xbox360/PS3)!

Leaked Skyrim Let's Play starting from character creation

Also SPOILER WARNING - Do not watch if you don't want to see how the game begins (my bet is this is very start of the game). May contain parts of story dialogue. Hopefully this will feed some of your Skyrim hunger. These clips might not be up for long so be quick and share too!

Watch Skyrim Let's play in english at Here - 10th Nov 2011: Let's Play series up again!

Get Skyrim gameplay video - File Type: Video - File Format: .flv - File Size: 779.48Mb - Length: 1h 22m 04s - link at MegaUpload. Now this is the real deal. It's kinda big file to download but at least it will not be deleted and you can enjoy the rest three days of this Skyrim gameplay video without being annoyed of Youtube removals. Took me around 35mins to download with 10M/2M connection. Good quality. Thanks for someone who uploaded this!

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