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Modern Warfare 3 to be released tomorrow - check preview

Monday, 7 November 2011

Modern Warfare 3 is another big names of this year's FPS games - especially on Online part. The game will be released tomorrow and we'll soon see every modern shooter fans to be arguing which is better, Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3? There will be big rivalry between these two game franchises at the end perioid of this year.

The closing release date of Modern Warfare 3 is causing funny events to happen around the world. In France 6000 MW3 copies has been stolen in a robbery. A truck carrying the copies was stopped by another car - which collided into the truck - on Saturday morning at Creteil South Paris. Two masked men then emerged and reportedly used tear gas to neutralize truck drivers before taking off with a video game shipment worth of 400 000 euros (including 6000 pieces of Modern Warfare 3).

Else where some fanatic has paid $ 1 725 for an early copy of Modern Warfare 3 on Ebay - online auctions house. Now that's a price to pay to get your game day or two early. That guy must truely be a hardcore fan of the franchise. Holy Hell!

Personally I'm only averagely interested in Modern Warfare 3 since lately they have been - in my opinion - releasing new games too fast pace. Every each of the games only last like year before new one comes out and changes to previous haven't been that major. Also I've played quite much Battlefield 3 now and have really enjoyed it. I'll have a look on Modern Warfare 3 later on this year most likely too.

But that's not to say there aren't huge amount of Online FPS fans out there waiting this release anxiously. So for earliest of you it's only one more day of waiting and meanwhile you can view the video clips below, which previews some of the multiplayer maps of Modern Warfare 3, enjoy and be quick 'cause these might be taken down soon (hate when it happens)!

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