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Highly probable Thief 4 Concept Art Leaked

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Thief 4 is still at it's development stage by Eidos Montreal - who recently also made successful action-adventure title Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I enjoyed Human Revolution quite a bit, I mean on scale from 0 to 100 I'd probably grant it around 87-89 / 100, I'm quite much looking forward how they'll do with the new Thief. The franchise was started by legendary Looking Glass, so the guys in Eidos Montreal have all to do to make the new game equal to the classics, especially in terms of atmosphere.

Eidos Montreal hasn't been giving out too much information or footage about the game yet,
however storyboard artist working for Goldtooth (who did cut scenes for the newest Deus Ex) posted some Thief 4 concept art images to his blog. These images then were taken down soon, but lucky enough many had time to get them before it happened.

They show our old friend Garrett the master thief sneaking in some kind of a mansion among bird cages full of crows. These four concept art images with pretty good chance are of the upcoming Thief 4:

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