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Countdown to Skyrim - 4 days: Jeremy Soule Music

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Elder Scrolls games have in my opinion had quite varying music in quality. I think it's a matter of preferation, but for me Daggerfall still stands out as best musical score of all Elder Scrolls Games this far. Sure the composer's tools might not have been as advanced at these days but actual compositions really bringed Daggerfall alive, and have one of the musical scores of video games that have stuck to my head. Eric Heberling did a great job there. I cannot remember Arena music really although I have played it.

On Morrowind on came new composer called Jeremy Soule, who's approach style was quite different. I think Soule made very good sound score for Morrowind with epic and mysterious tracks of his. Soule then continued to work as Bethesda's composer in Elder Scrolls Oblivion. To be perfectly honest while I though Oblivions music was "allright", it just didn't blow my mind. It was too peaceful and common, with many tracks lacking epic twist. I'm quite sure many people may think
otherwise but hey - that's just how I feel.

Now Skyrim is coming out in 4 days and composer is still Jeremy Soule - how has he succeeded this time? Judge by yourself and listen the musical themes of Skyrim below! (These clips may be deleted soon - sorry about that if it happens so be quick!)

These clips get requently deleted in Youtube but I'll try keeping some of these updated and re-linked to this post untill Skyrim release..

I feel like Soule has made quite good job this time judging by these clips. His more epic style of composing with atmospheric tracks seem to be back in Skyrim. Still have to listen these (and the ones not included here) in-game and make final judgement - time will show, but I feel like these tracks are certainly improvement from Oblivion. They could settle around level of Morrowind but we'll see. Do you think these new compositions are improvement or not?

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