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Countdown to Skyrim - 2 Days: 26 Ways to Play Skyrim

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Day has just turned to Wednesday which means Skyrim will be officially released a day after tomorrow - two days to go. Some of the lucky ones have already gotten the game on their hands early by accident and pure luck. Internet has been lately swarming with new let's play Skyrim's and gameplay videos, fast as they've came up they've been taken down by Zenimax Media for releasing the vids before the release date.

It's been total annoyance for any fan anxiously waiting for decent preview material since Bethesda has kept it oddly quiet profile about any extra video material of the game in addition to official Trailer. Remember when they released Oblivion? They did "Countdown to Oblivion" releasing new material every day 'till the release date but now any gameplay has been strictly hidden by them.

Well the wait will be over in two days and truth about the game will come in the light. Before It's time to play the actual game - let's make some presumptions how the game can be played as - and come on, we know you have some bad Skyrim habits, so just admit them also:

26 Ways To Play Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  • 1. Pure warrior - You'll pick most likely either Orc, Nord or Redguard. You want to max out your damage and armor so you'll be two-handed and heavy armor all the way baby! Crush and kill. Warrior's Guild is waiting for you..

  • 2. Pure mage - You'll be most likely Altmer or Breton. Taking the most schools of magics and mastering them allows you to blast your enemies with powerful fireballs, and to conjure great monsters to fight along your side. Just don't let them get too close and touch you, or you'll turn into nothing like sugar in rain. Take a turn towards Mage's Guild.

  • 3. Hunter - You're capable of fighting decently at close, but prefer one-handed weapons and light armor. Best races based on racial bonuses for "hunter" class would be Bosmer and Khajiit. You're agile and master the bow allowing long range attacks. Stealthing allows you to move more unseen 'till you get enough to arrow up your enemies. Other than that hunting deers successfully with bows makes you and your stomach happy.

  • 4. Thief - Best races to make up "thief" are: Argonian, Bosmer, Khajiit. Most likely one of your first visits is to introduce yourself to Thieves Guild. You love loot, but instead of trying to get it legal way of "dungeoncrawling" - you'll enjoy to pickpocket common citizens as well as rich and lockpick into their houses. You're sneaky, agile and swift - and you're gonna need it once you run out of luck. Hopefully those guards catch you, you criminal scum!

  • 5. Play-it-all - You want it all or you don't know what you want. Either way, you're playing some sort of a hybrid class. But you're lucky it's an Elder Scrolls title, because in the franchise hybric classes are not penaltied much. You might have certain aspect of being thief-mage, warrior-mage or thief-warrior for instance, or you can just go with the flow and be total mess. Don't worry though, you'll still have decent character and loads of fun. Good hybrid classes could be (with race abilities support this class suggestion):
    • Argonian - Thief-Mage (+10 lockpick, +5 sneak, +5 pickpocket, +5 restoration, +5 alteration, +5 light armor)
    • Bosmer - Thief-Hunter (+5 sneak, +5 lockpick, +5 pickpocket, +10 archery, +5 alchemy, +5 light armor)
    • Dunmer - Warrior-Mage (+5 sneak, +5 alchemy, +10 destruction, +5 illusion, +5 alteration, +5 light armor)
    • Khajiit - Thief-Hunter (+10 sneak, +5 lockpick, +5 pickpocket, +5 alchemy, +5 archery, +5 one-handed)
    • Redguard - Hunter-Mage / Warrior-Mage (+5 destruction, +5 alteration, +5 archery, +10 one-handed, +5 blocking)
    • Imperial - Warrior-Mage (+10 restoration, +5 destruction, +5 one-handed, +5 block, +5 heavy armor)

  • 6. Side-Quester - You think following too much the main quest limits your freedom bit too much and are afraid game is over too fast! You'll search and do most side-quests first before going too far with the main-quest. You love lots of different stories and event's of side-quests instead of following just one quest-line and are excited about the rewards of them: "How good reward can I get at with this level character if I do this hard side-quest?".

  • 7. Main-quester - You want to focus your play into the most detailed and planned storyline, "the main quest" of Skyrim. You'll do occasionally something else, but mostly you throw yourself into Skyrim's story and really want to take part to it and see how it ends like no tomorrow.

  • 8. Scavenger / Treasure hunter - Bit like random adventurer, but instead of wandering aimlessly, you'll seek for the caves and caverns. You're nuts for finding much gold as possible and getting best gear possible for your level early, you greedy sob! Argonian, Bosmer and Khajiit make good character of this type because of racial lockpicking bonus.

  • 9. Random adventurer - You like to venture the lands seeking places you'vent found before. You don't care much about the main quest and pick the interesting side quests that you encounter while walking where your nose points to. Discovering new dungeons, towns and areas is your joy, you want to see it all and move freely but occasionally you'll get bored and do a phase or two of main quest.

  • 10. Good samaritan - You like playing the good guy and helping good NPC's. Morals guide your way through Skyrim. You try to do as much good deeds and make morally good choices over problems in the game. Fighters Guild and Mages Guild might be a place for you to start..

  • 11. Good evil - You play evil kind of character making evil and immoral decisions with quests. Yet you have some moral for not killing without any reason, or stealing unless you're short of money. Thieves guild might be a place for you to start..

  • 12. Insane - You attack anything in sight, be it bandit, town guard or a sheep. You think of most violent and fun ways to kill anything that lives and loot your victims like a maniac. Just be prepared to run when things get heated within town walls, you rotten scum! You either are the most insane member of The Dark Brotherhood, or you're a guildless maniac without a goal. Blood and gore all the way!

  • 13. Newbie - You don't know whats going on, you don't even know why you're here. Just don't press a wrong button, or that guard will slaughter you. Oh no! You'll spend a day learning basics and move up to another level or you can consider yourself retarded.

  • 14. Hippie alchemist - You like to collect every flower and vegetable you see just to play around with them, and maybe once in a while you succeed to make interestingly tasting drink that makes you feel stronger. Yippie! Bosmer, Dunmer, Khajiit and Breton make the best alchemist characters.

  • 15. Smith and enchanter - You love smithing, but there's no really reason to not have enchanting with it since they go well hand in hand. Only Orc's have racial bonus to both enchanting and smithing, while Nords and Redguards can smith well, and Imperial along Altmer have enchanting bonus but no smithing. You should be able to craft and armors or weapons and then enchant them by yourselves. You get excited when spotting those mineral veins within mines, and this is why you like to explore rocky areas, mines and caves. Half of your game goes spending time with hammer and anvil, your two best friends. And other half of trying desperately to enchant your crafted items. You're a lonely fella!

  • 16. Character fanatic - You really like your character don't you? Even so much that starting a new game takes you half day trying to modify that face of your character to look good and you're very insecure yet perfectionist about picking the very best and most fun skills and race to your new game. And once you're done and see your character in game - you get nervous "can I still fix the nose?".

  • 17. Game restarter - You'll never get far in the story while you get bored of your character, or feel you should had followed some quest path differently. Thus making you start a new games frequently abandoning your old ones.

  • 18. Loading maniac - You take a scratch in a heat of the battle and immeatedly feel like you should reload the game. Or you make a decision within dialogue options and it didn't bring you very best outcome. Time to reload again..

  • 19. Hardcore gamer - No matter what goes wrong you are up for a challenge and avoid "Load" button as a disease. You might as well go with the most hard character class you can figure out. You certainly enjoy some masochism.

  • 20. Family guy - You immeatedly start collecting money for a brand new house! Your goal is just "a house" and perhaps a wife since you can get married in Skyrim. You really want to believe that you can play Skyrim as a Sims game. Just you try.

  • 21. Bounty collector - You're not collecting a bounties of other criminal, but raising the price on your own head instead. Just to see how high it can go and how it affects the game and reputation within.

  • 22. Bookworm - You'll not only try to find every book in the game, but also enjoy reading them and their Elder Scrolls lore. You're a true Elder Scrolls lore maniac!

  • 23. Dragon hunter - When you enter the world of Skyrim, all you really care is dragons.. hunting dragons and doing any quests related with dragons. You just want to defeat them all and acquire every possible dragon shout from killing them.

  • 24. Power Player - What you want is everything that makes you stronger fast as possible. And you'll also be completing every quests in most efficient time frame you can. You rush through the game and get joy of leveling-up quick. That makes you feel like a good player. How about settling down and enjoying a bit?

  • 25. Modding Joe - You don't get enough of the ordinary stock game, but continuously follow mod community of Skyrim and get every best mods right away. You want to tailor that game-play experience specially designed for your own needs.

  • 26. Joker - You like to chill and have fun in the game. Your hobbies in Skyrim would be agitating innocent and seeing them finally attack with taking first hostile action - just to see guards to slay them because they made the first move. You play just for laughs and have good time exploiting the game's code in every possible way to make NPC act and do stupid things, or  you cause something else funny to happen. You'll see more weird things in Skyrim than anyone else - and laugh for them out loud.. LOL.

Please take time to reply this poll and select (multiple picks possible!) of the above 25 ways of playing Skyrim which will describe how you will play your very first Skyrim character as!

I added 26. "Joker" choice to the poll later so if anyone lost his vote before that, you can re-vote and sorry. Now this list is final!

Remember to choose your gaming platform before ordering (PC/Xbox360/PS3)!

And the very last listen this piece of music. I'm not really big fan of rap but this is funny Skyrim rap made by Dan Bull

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