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New Skyrim video footage 22 October 2011

Saturday, 22 October 2011

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Today some new Skyrim gameplay footage has been released. This footage was hosted by staff. The footage does not reveal anything groundbreaking news about Skyrim, but is nice preview to what will come. There's only about three weeks to the release date now - the date being 11.11.11. Still looks like more Oblivion than Morrowind, however there are enhancements to be seen. Updated graphics - maybe not as much as I would had liked to - even style wise change more to Morrowind's more mythical environment would had been nice. But the open tundras, "autumn forest", pine forest and icy mountains look quite nice. Perhaps little more varying than Oblivion environments. As I've understood there should be more environments in Skyrim than the couple of presented in videos?

What we see in the video is how frost spell works. Looks bit more dynamic than in Oblivion. Frost effect actually makes enemy freeze for real, instead just showing up just an effect - good work - hopefully other spells will be bit more dynamic also. According to Gamespot staff dungeons are now designed by real "level designers" while in Oblivion they were designed by "environmental artists" - not actually people who are experienced in actual level design. I remember also hearing on some interview of mister Howard that they used more people to design Skyrim dungeons than what they did in Oblivion.

I think dungeons seem to have bit more eye candy with improved level design and do not look as bland - however final judgement is hard to tell by this short clips. We see some skeletons, bears, trolls, multiple dragons at once and finally "spriggans" (referred as "tree people" in the video) - which seem to make return from Daggerfall. They never were in Morrowind or Oblivion far as I can remember but they were tough ones in Daggerfall. Talking about enemies I was kinda bit disappointed that there were not so many different monsters in Oblivion. I mean if we count out specific quest characters with special stats and all.. it doesn't leave us so many different enemies. Now lets keep hopes up that they have many content considering monsters more diverse in Skyrim, especially on high level character. I'm keeping my hopes up that the Skyrim's world as an whole works more dynamic and believable than in Oblivion - creating better impression of "being there". Also that the actual quests, story and interaction would be well written and executed. This game's ability to impress does not rely on graphics in my opinion but how well the story and world works in general. Does it feel alive or will it feel bland and leave you cold as the Skyrim's weather? I guess we will have to wait and see at 11.11.11.

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