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Battlefield 3 first impressions - multiplayer (PS3)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Well folks, this years perhaps most hyped first person shooter is out.
I had Battlefield 3 gaming session with at my brothers and need to say we both liked the game. We were testing only the multiplayer. I myself get games like this for multiplayer purposes only anyways, I don't like single-player campaigns on "generic shooters" that much usually. I myself tried out couple of the maps including: Operation Firestorm, Tehran Highway and Kharg Island and gametype was Rush most of the time.

All who have played the Beta most likely know the "taster" map Dice put Beta out: Operation Metro. This was fast paced small sized map (in scale of Battlefield 3). Operation Metro in my opinion does not give full credit to the game as a map. I mean, it is good in what it stands for - fast paced rush map - with almost Modern Warfare'ish tempo and quite closed in environment.

(Tehran Highway gameplay presented by: Shibby2142)

On the other hand Operation Firestorm, Tehran Highway and Kharg Island present much larger scale open field gameplay. I must say that these maps appeal me much more than Operation Metro - although it's always nice to have a change of pace once in a while. Not to say tempo in those maps is too low either, but it surely is not as fast paced as in Operation Metro.

Larger maps require more planning of a route and perhaps more stealhing as well as usage of vehicles available: take a seat in a Jeep to reach destination faster (and be more visible target) or sit in a tank and cannon off your enemies. Vehicles seemed to work well as in Battlefield 2 judging by this first gaming session. As a minus, planes were hard to fly though.

Had a fun accident with a jeep though. I drove too far off crossing the line of "safe zone" and game warned "turn back or you will die". I had a teammate sitting at machine gun spot in my jeep. Well the jeep got stuck and there was 5 seconds to return to war zone or die. The machine gunner probably thought that I'd drive back so he stood in jeep - while it got stuck and I realized there's no time - I abandoned jeep and ran back. Poor bastard at machine gun waited me to drive jeep back to gaming zone and his time ran out.. he died and I got back in game zone just in time. Sorry mate.

Anyway, what I really liked in my first Battlefield 3 session was the level design of the maps. Graphics aren't probably much better than what Modern Warfare players are used to - but personally level design in my opinion beats MW series by far. These are by far best online shooters levels I've seen in long time. Open ended maps, yet they don't feel bland or empty. There are tunnels, buildings, bridges, waterways, forests - you pretty much name it - and overall design does not feel too random but the actual themes work great.

While Rush mode had nice amount of action - I have slight complaint about Conquest mode. With console limit of 24 players, the biggest Conquest maps felt slightly too big and action was slightly on low side. This means I'm most likely getting Battlefield 3 for a PC myself since it raises player limit to 32 - fitting better to gametype like Conquest with the most huge maps this game has to offer. Still, I would not say getting BF3 to console is a waste. Looking the beautifully designed battlefields with big screen from your sofa is relaxing and adrenaline pumping experience at same time plus there are plenty of gametype/map-combinations to choose from where 24 players does not feel just a lone sniper fest - actually most of the games content anyway. So far I'm positively surprised after mediocre Beta map.

Only problems really were 24 player limit in Conquest game-mode with few of the most big maps, occassionally getting stuck on small rocks while walking or falling thru and object (rarely), getting stuck with vehicles. I'm sure Dice will fix minor things like this right?

Greatly designed maps, vehicles and large scale action bring battlefields alive - walls of the houses do get crushed nicely also. We didn't see that much of destroyable buildings or falling trees in Beta due the map lacked vehicles with most powerful weapons. Now with tanks and such theres much more destruction around. Multiplayer mode feels like war. I've heard a complaint that killing requires too many hits but I don't see what the problem really is. In my opinion amount of hits required to kill is fine. Headshot is also effective. I was able to snipe someone with an AK of some sort from a roof to far range. All it requires is single shots and some accuracy. Large maps give me a bit of a feeling of Delta Force 2 - my beloved old classic. Can't wait to  buy this game myself soon. Untill then, I think im heading for my bro's for some more Battlefield 3 multiplayer..

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