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RPG/Adventure release info and and "lets play" library updated (PC)

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Yes thats right folks.
The big list of PC RPG, Adventure and Action/Adventure games is now pretty much functional! Only thing really lacking is Gamespot User Average scores, but Average scores of all games it knows are there already. GP User scores will come later. Other than that this listing is pretty much ready!

Of course there will be always little fixing to do. Propably genres are the least accurate info of the bunch. It might lack some of RPG releases. If you notice the list hasn't got some Roleplaying or Adventure game that should be listed please let us know! Post a comment to the list or mail Thanks.

Only downside is that the list of the library page is quite heavy, works in my computer well with Firefox but cannot guarantee how stable it is with very slow comp. Making the list this far took really long hours by me.

There are currently 1244 titles listed as I've removed some of the games that shouldn't belong there due their genre as well as some duplicates. Out of all the titles the Lets Play videos linked to Youtube are available to about 45% of all games (I tried to pick decent ones)! I'd say that at least 19 out of 20 has commentary with a very few Walkthroughs without one. Have fun!

Check the RPG/Adventure (PC) Lets Play library at here!

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