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New Section - RPG/Adventure/-Action Releases Library (PC)

Thursday, 22 September 2011

I wanted to make a list about game release dates emphasized heavily on RPG/Adventure genre. I used and my knowledge as source to compile the list - which is not by any means perfect. However my goal is to include majority of traditional Computer RPG and Adventure games into it. Currently there's alot of indie anime RPG's of which other than major releases will be removed soon, because it's not really what Gamers Dungeon aims to present. Some other games from genres like Action will be included if they have extensive story, open ended world or have enough RPG/Adventure elements or are based on fantasy world setting. Examples: System Shock 2, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Thief The Dark Project, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

TBA (to be announced games are exception and may contain anything I find interesting). I've left off majority of straight forward Shooters, Beat'em Ups, Sims, Strategy games out of the list.

The idea is to include some interesting data to games in future along the release dates like: Average Score and how it competes against User Ranking Average Score, direct buy links and links Let's Play Videos.
This way you could go like "Hey, I want to find some old games Let's Play Videos", so you browse the list by year to find out interesting titles around 1992-1994 games which have the video link available.

So far this version is only a list with release date -- title -- developed/publisher -- genre (I did my best with this but it's not perfect *lol*) including over 1300 titles. Feel free to check out the list at here

In case you notice it lacks a classic RPG or pure Adventure game that should be there please let me know - Comment this post and tell me or mail me at:

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