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Gamers Dungeon tested Battlefield 3 Beta (PC)

Friday, 30 September 2011

...and we pretty much got our asses kicked. We don't generally do many FPS previews or reviews but Battlefield 3 is exception to me since I always loved prequel Battlefield 2 (it's my second most played online shooter after Delta Force 2!). We recorded some video clips with fraps and when recording framerate dropped too low to really enjoy the game. It was swapping between 13-25 while recording was on. However we recorded anyway, I'll link you readers some gameplay video tomorrow after these clips have been uploaded (it's uploading right now as we speak).

Ok so gaming machine was low-middle-end PC. Would had been good PC like 2 years ago but now not so. I don't even remember if these specs are correct but I think it was about like this: Intel i3 Core processor 3.1Ghz, DDR3 1333mhz 2Gb, Ati HD Sapphire Radeon 4670 1GT PCI-E, Windows 7 64-bit. And Radeon slightly overclocked.

Now the recording slowness aside - while we dropped recording session and set graphics to medium-low and resolution was 1100x something - the framerate with test computer remained quite stable and smooth (we really owned then compared to recorded video - i swear!). No stuttering caused by only 2GB RAM. On the test map outside the metro tunnels framerate was pretty good bouncing between 25-35. Only awkward moments were in long metro tunnel, where at worst it dropped to 18-19 while mostly ran 22-25. That was only moment that was noticeably challenge for the hardware.

I have feeling that Dice could still optimize graphics and stuff to get the game run more smooth. If the game runs smooth 90% of the time with fps around 25-35 and then suddenly at one place drops to under 20 it's not polished in my opinion. There were some minor flaws like "spint" not stopping after you let go off the sprint button and setting graphics in-game some times quit the whole game to desktop without saving your chances (there should be propably pre-match "options" to set your graphics rather than only in-match). Overall though everything ran decently smooth. Minor flaws that Dice should fix 'till the final release.

At first when recording with flower fps I didn't really enjoy the game that much. I mean - it was quite fun shooter but I didn't feel like it was so awesome than the hype. Nevertheless after turning off recording resulting to better framerate game then started run smooth and became quite enjoyable. I think Battlefield might be a grower. At quick glance there's maybe bit too much camping and sniping to my taste - moreso because people are really tough to see at least with graphic settings I played - from anything over maybe 80-100m. That was not an issue with Modern Warfare series. But game tempo is nice, it's not total rushing-fest but not lackluster either. Well balanced. Graphics even at medium-low look "nice". Gameplay feels fine and with even teams it's fun. But yet it remains to be seen if Battlefield 3 final version offers "awesome" or even "great" gaming experience, or will it be just "nice". I don't believe it can be anything below that.

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