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Gamers Dungeon tested Battlefield 3 Beta (PC)

Friday, 30 September 2011

...and we pretty much got our asses kicked. We don't generally do many FPS previews or reviews but Battlefield 3 is exception to me since I always loved prequel Battlefield 2 (it's my second most played online shooter after Delta Force 2!). We recorded some video clips with fraps and when recording framerate dropped too low to really enjoy the game. It was swapping between 13-25 while recording was on. However we recorded anyway, I'll link you readers some gameplay video tomorrow after these clips have been uploaded (it's uploading right now as we speak).

Ok so gaming machine was low-middle-end PC. Would had been good PC like 2 years ago but now not so. I don't even remember if these specs are correct but I think it was about like this: Intel i3 Core processor 3.1Ghz, DDR3 1333mhz 2Gb, Ati HD Sapphire Radeon 4670 1GT PCI-E, Windows 7 64-bit. And Radeon slightly overclocked.

Now the recording slowness aside - while we dropped recording session and set graphics to medium-low and resolution was 1100x something - the framerate with test computer remained quite stable and smooth (we really owned then compared to recorded video - i swear!). No stuttering caused by only 2GB RAM. On the test map outside the metro tunnels framerate was pretty good bouncing between 25-35. Only awkward moments were in long metro tunnel, where at worst it dropped to 18-19 while mostly ran 22-25. That was only moment that was noticeably challenge for the hardware.

I have feeling that Dice could still optimize graphics and stuff to get the game run more smooth. If the game runs smooth 90% of the time with fps around 25-35 and then suddenly at one place drops to under 20 it's not polished in my opinion. There were some minor flaws like "spint" not stopping after you let go off the sprint button and setting graphics in-game some times quit the whole game to desktop without saving your chances (there should be propably pre-match "options" to set your graphics rather than only in-match). Overall though everything ran decently smooth. Minor flaws that Dice should fix 'till the final release.

At first when recording with flower fps I didn't really enjoy the game that much. I mean - it was quite fun shooter but I didn't feel like it was so awesome than the hype. Nevertheless after turning off recording resulting to better framerate game then started run smooth and became quite enjoyable. I think Battlefield might be a grower. At quick glance there's maybe bit too much camping and sniping to my taste - moreso because people are really tough to see at least with graphic settings I played - from anything over maybe 80-100m. That was not an issue with Modern Warfare series. But game tempo is nice, it's not total rushing-fest but not lackluster either. Well balanced. Graphics even at medium-low look "nice". Gameplay feels fine and with even teams it's fun. But yet it remains to be seen if Battlefield 3 final version offers "awesome" or even "great" gaming experience, or will it be just "nice". I don't believe it can be anything below that.

RPG/Adventure release info and and "lets play" library updated (PC)

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Yes thats right folks.
The big list of PC RPG, Adventure and Action/Adventure games is now pretty much functional! Only thing really lacking is Gamespot User Average scores, but Average scores of all games it knows are there already. GP User scores will come later. Other than that this listing is pretty much ready!

Of course there will be always little fixing to do. Propably genres are the least accurate info of the bunch. It might lack some of RPG releases. If you notice the list hasn't got some Roleplaying or Adventure game that should be listed please let us know! Post a comment to the list or mail Thanks.

Only downside is that the list of the library page is quite heavy, works in my computer well with Firefox but cannot guarantee how stable it is with very slow comp. Making the list this far took really long hours by me.

There are currently 1244 titles listed as I've removed some of the games that shouldn't belong there due their genre as well as some duplicates. Out of all the titles the Lets Play videos linked to Youtube are available to about 45% of all games (I tried to pick decent ones)! I'd say that at least 19 out of 20 has commentary with a very few Walkthroughs without one. Have fun!

Check the RPG/Adventure (PC) Lets Play library at here!

New Section - RPG/Adventure/-Action Releases Library (PC)

Thursday, 22 September 2011

I wanted to make a list about game release dates emphasized heavily on RPG/Adventure genre. I used and my knowledge as source to compile the list - which is not by any means perfect. However my goal is to include majority of traditional Computer RPG and Adventure games into it. Currently there's alot of indie anime RPG's of which other than major releases will be removed soon, because it's not really what Gamers Dungeon aims to present. Some other games from genres like Action will be included if they have extensive story, open ended world or have enough RPG/Adventure elements or are based on fantasy world setting. Examples: System Shock 2, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Thief The Dark Project, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

TBA (to be announced games are exception and may contain anything I find interesting). I've left off majority of straight forward Shooters, Beat'em Ups, Sims, Strategy games out of the list.

The idea is to include some interesting data to games in future along the release dates like: Average Score and how it competes against User Ranking Average Score, direct buy links and links Let's Play Videos.
This way you could go like "Hey, I want to find some old games Let's Play Videos", so you browse the list by year to find out interesting titles around 1992-1994 games which have the video link available.

So far this version is only a list with release date -- title -- developed/publisher -- genre (I did my best with this but it's not perfect *lol*) including over 1300 titles. Feel free to check out the list at here

In case you notice it lacks a classic RPG or pure Adventure game that should be there please let me know - Comment this post and tell me or mail me at:

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Collector's Edition details

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Read also:

Skyrim will be available as Collector's Edition for all three platforms: XBOX 360, Playstation 3 and PC. Price at at the moment is $149.96. Yes it's quite high. However I would love to get one of those for myself if I can just afford. I'm still considering because the price is quite much for a student like myself. The Collector's Edition contains following items:

-PVC statue of the dragon, Alduin the World Eater
-200-page, hardbound art book
-"Making of Skyrim" DVD
-"Skyrim" game disc for either of the platforms available

Making of-DVD is always a nice addition if not too costy - however I'm more interested in the book. I'm a fan of fantasy art and like to draw occasionally myself. 200-Page art book sounds like really cool addition and might inspire other artists. The Alduin Statue is a bit of an extra. Not really a must, but it looks quite cool. Here's a better picture of the statue:

(Alduin Statue - in other worlds Alduin the World Eater)

Quite cool in my opinion. Here are some buy-links in case you want to pre-order your Skyrim already (Remember to choose your platform at the store after clicking the link!):

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Collector's Edition (PC/Xbox 360/PS3) - $149,96
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Regular - (PC/XBox 360/PS3) - $59,99
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Prima Official Game Guide - $16,86

Unboxing of Skyrim Collector's Edition by GVC

My most anticipated games of 2011

Sunday, 4 September 2011

1.Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim
2.Battlefield 3
3.Deus Ex: Human Revolution
4.Dark Souls

Well this seems to be quite regular year of games for me with a bunch of interesting releases. First on the table is of course Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim. I've speculated in my mind wether it will be just Oblivion enhanced or something more. Well at least on graphical department I think it will be so. The pictures and video I've seen really are remiscent to Oblivion in general. The style is similar, but forests seem more vivid and varying. Instead of just forest - there will be several types of terrain. The new radiant story system sounds interesting and skill-trees/perks on the other hand may make character development better than ever before. Main thing I noticed in graphics are the human/monster models which looks great deal of better than the round-faces of Oblivion. Lets not forget also one of the main aspects: Dungeons! It is relieving information that there will be more designers this time making dungeons than just one. Also that there will be more different dungeon-types and that they won't be created so much from the pre-made pieces set together. I think that in Oblivion - the dungeons failed. All in all it was a fun game but dungeon crawling was just repetitive in general and left a bland feeling. We can also expect more varying character voices.. The thing is - is Bethesda succeeds to create the world of Skyrim more vivid, "living" and dynamic than ever - It will be a blast I'm sure. I've always loved large scale adventure/RPG games with loads of freedom.

The second for me is definetely Battlefield 3. What I've seen it beats the new Modern Warfare for me. I've enjoyed Call Of Duty-series. They are really fun fast paced shooter-action. The thing is that I think the sequels are released in too fast pace only a year apart of each other or so. They seem not to be focusing to bring anything new in the table. Graphics engine hasn't evolved much either. Don't get me wrong I enjoy COD, but Battlefield 3 - at least when looking preview videos - looks more fresh. I loved BF2 and seems that the sequel is bringing large scale open areas back - with fast forest and plains as well as cities to battle within. Graphics so far have looked damn great! Battles look hectic and there's sense of madness. Destroyable trees and buildings give extra touch to the sense about "being there".

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been my choice number three. It actually was released already last month, but I didn't buy it 'till couple of days ago. So far it feels like a great game. Along the main questline there are many side quests which you can pick between the parts of main quests. You can also roam free in a couple large cities between main quest missions. This adds a taste of freedom to somewhat half-linear storyline of the game. Human Revolution doesn't feel open as say, Fallout 3, but it's not totally linear either. The game is somewhere in between. Stealthing action works quite nice, hacking is fun (better compared to for example Fallout 3 lockpick-minigame) and overall atmosphere in the gameworld works. The graphics are mixed bag but not bad by any means. I'm a little disappointed with the animations of the characters, they seem quite jerky. Voice acting is "OK". The textures are maybe a bit bland and repetitive. Almost everything in color varies between tone from orange to grey and black. It sets certain tone to the game allright, but may get a bit repetitive. On the other hand I think graphics for XBOX360 look very sharp. Lightning effects are cool and areas designed, for example Detroit City (if I recall the first city name right), are very well done. There's certain sense of atmosphere that reminds of likes Bladerunner the movie. I can't help but thinking also that corridow-crawling parts of the Human Revolution with hacking computers and such bring System Shock 2 to my mind. Overall slight repetitiveness, but large scale of the game, partial freedom, character development and level design as well as stealhing make this game shine. Personally so far I'm not disappointed at all that it is carrying the name of Deus Ex.

Potential surprise for this year could be Dark Souls RPG. It looks like classic dungeon crawl with old school skill-system. I'm not actually sure if the game follows any AD&D rules at all, but at least seems to lean that way. I haven't followed this game so closely and it just recently raised my interest. If the skill-system and character development part is not dumped down too much, and the complexity behind it all has enough depth, I have feeling this game cannot fail to deliver. We'll see.

Feel free to comment and suggest any more great games to be released, or just recently released!