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Heroes Of Might And Magic III map - The Unexpected Guest (Allies) 3vs3vs1

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Teams - 3vs3vs1
Size - Extra Large
Difficulty - Expert
Levelcap - 20
Compatability - The Shadow Of Death

Important update (25.1.2015):
The Unexpected Guest belongs to my recently released HOMM III XL map-pack. All updates in the future considering this and the other maps, as well as the download itself, can be found at this post:

Download the HOMM3 map called The Unexpected Guest (Allies) from here - Re-Uploaded 19.9.2013 - the file seems to get deleted quite often so if link's broken and you want to play it, please just leave message to this post and I'll upload it :)

Also check out my newer map Caverns of Eden!

I made a new map for HOMM3. It's called The Unexpected Guest and is an allies map where there are 3 teams. Two regular teams of 3 players and one 1 player team (3vs3vs1) controllable only by cpu. The idea was to make a north vs south battle and add one enemy that stands alone as it's own team and holds a few castles but is "locked up" in a small territory underground - having one way monoliths only way out of it's lockup. Basically the map is 3vs3 with "a twist" for this one computer only team with 1 player (Teal) to mix up things. This is not story-based map, but rather good old fashioned brawl.

(Garrison seperating middlemap - usually controlled by Teal - and northern dunes)

Teal starts with a bit stronger forces but cannot get to you at early game because his way is blocked with guarded garrisons. Teal can however teleport with monolith above earth and has a few extra castles which it can conquer. When two main teams and Teal have strong forces enough to break up the garrisons that seperate both teams of 3 and Teal from eachother - you have chance to drive Teal away from above earth. Teal is kind of a gamble, it might be moderately strong but is usually just a pest, especially in later game. However it tends to gather up it's forces time to time and might come strong later on.

(Sandy dunes of north)

So another team of 3 starts from sandy dunes of northern map - where the garrisons seperate team from Teal towards south. The other team of 3 starts from northern tundra - seperated by garrisons towards north from Teal also. As a tip the underground holds greatest treasures but needs a strong army to get there. There are a few garrisoned "undead shrines" which block the way but once beaten they will reward you. Also eventually you need to get down the underground anyway to challenge Teal team. Beware, he has a strong hero locked up and you need to finish him to get to the final castle - however if you unlock him and fail to finish him off - it might raise a trouble!

(Icy tundra of south)

(The only forest is to be found on midmap - Central Forest)

This map was play tested a few times by me and rebalanced a bit. However it hasn't been played that much so if you encounter some bugs or serious unbalance feel free to report me and please give feedback! I have made several maps earlier but consider myself as an quite amateur map maker for HOMM 3. Thanks and enjoy :-)

Possible future updates: The Teal works decent but has slight problems providing challenge. Perhaps in future I will try to see whether there could be some scripted events added to spice things up little bit. I may also upgrade the visual look of the map a bit although I think it looks decent yet.

Also should the win condition be perhaps something other than kill all enemies? Perhaps this map would work better by win condition of killing the specific lvl 20 hero (Lord Abyss) on the underground instead?

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