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SNES: Eaxus Controllers stink

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I mean, seriously.
These game controllers cost like 20 euros a piece in Finland promising to be total replica of the original SNES controller. Well what can I say, the plastic feels like totally cheap material. Maybe that is not the most important thing though, so how about the buttons?

I bought two of these. Another had one button (L or R cannot remember) totally unusable. Like it was placed too deep in the ditch, feeling it was pressed down all the time. Cross-controller didn't work well to high-left very well. Another had totally unresponsive cross-controller to high-right and slightly bad A-button. Comon' these are supposed to be brand new and they already felt like worse than my wear out old original controllers.

I made a complaint and returned them by mail - wishing a working replacements. The result? Perhaps slightly better working two pieces still with some unresponsiveness and generally cheap feeling in them. I would not recommend EAXUS controllers to anyone unless you want to do some lottery on which buttons work this time and which won't. Or maybe if you can get a piece for few euros but not 20e - by some luck you may get decently working controller. The four pieces had just so many flaws it's unbelievable for a brand new product. I could see just by looking for it that some buttons are not properly placed, like one of the controllers had cross-controller set too deep which made it unresponsive and bad for a thumb - way to go.

As they are still replicas of original SNES and actually "work" at least some way - im not gonna rate them 1/10 but considering 2 of 4 controllers were more or less faulty (imagine you just bought a new controller but it has flaws of several year controller) and the rest two felt "ok" but still some problems - I'm not going to rate them too high either + they were not that cheap so:

Rating 2/10


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  2. Tere. Heh joo en lähde kyllä suosittelemaan. Toimii ne "ok", jokseenkin, mutta oikeampi hinta olisi kylläkin joku max 5e/kpl - mutta mielummin kannattaa ostaa vähän kulunut / kunnostettu alkuperäinen:)

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  4. I am using the same brand for n64 and xbox(the first one) I think they are ok and well-made... Sorry to hear you experienced such a problem. But 20 euros are too expensive.. They are like 7 euros for a couple on