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NES & SNES: Some stuff i lately found and bought

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I grew up pretty much with NES Nintendo Entertainment System. Although I had SNES later also, NES was the gaming console biggest ever for me. At my teen age I sold all my Nintendo games, because my mother though it was good idea still to get money of them. After few summers of hearing "soon they are worth of nothing, now you can get money out of them" I gave up and sold - while I had moved to PC gaming mostly. But I regret this now almost 15 years later. These days NES games are quite worthy afterall. Not only that, but NES has some cool games - as does SNES. Should had saved at least the best games. When I would get home from school I would run to play games like Megaman, Super Mario, Bionic Commando, Kirby's Adventure. But the best part was multiplayer games with friends. Beat'em'ups like Double Dragon or later Turtles games - arcade games like Probotector and Life Force Salamander - and some racers like Off Road. Multiplayer game of the all times if including SNES has to be Super Mario Kart though, I would play it still today if I'd just find it cheap somewhere (with fully boxed of course). Oh the memories.

Lately I visited my parents and searched all the Nintendo stuff from the house that was still left. Incredibly I found loads of manuals of NES, some game boxes in good condition, controllers and one NES console! Cool, I didn't remember we ever had two consoles untill now I remember, other one had contact problem and didn't read the cart when it was pressed down - but was able to read if only when halfway pressed downwards. I don't know how to fix it, but it works if you jam something between the card and console port so that cart stays in right angle (see the picture below).

(SNES on the left with Super Mario All Stars, no box unfortunately - XBOX360 in the middle - my old NES on the right)

Excited about finding NES and all the needed wires I also bought used SNES from internet auction. Along the SNES came:
-Yogi Bear Cartoon Capers (no box)
-Rise of The Robots (no box)
-NHL 97 (no box)
-Tetris & Dr.Mario (no box)
-Tetris Attack (no box)
-Starwing (aka Starfox, rental-boxed)

Nothing too fancy in those games. Starwing and Mario All-Stars are good but the rest is quite crap. Also only Starwing had box with it and even it was rental. But the SNES console was in very good condition and the price was definetely ok in my opinion and that's what matters to me. I will seek Street Fighters and Mortal Kombats in future at least when I find the boxed ones with decent price and have some money. Same goes for Super Mario Kart - It's a must!

Along with my SNES package acquirement I bought a few more games from auctions. For SNES a classic beat'em'up Killer Instinct, as boxed of course. I used to love this game although now it feels a bit dated. Music in the game still kicks ass. I also got Double Dragon II (boxed) and III (Cart only because I already had extra box and manual) for NES. Those are just classic games, especially DD: II.

(Some of the best fightning games for NES & SNES - and man was this DD: III tough!)

Now to my findings. Although all games were sold on when I was teen - there was quite much leftovers in form of game boxes and manuals - well especially in manuals - boxes weren't that many. They will propably help me out if I want to collect some of the Nintendo games in future and buy auctions for cart-only or boxed sets without manuals. The thing is everything with box and manual costs alot and are quite much rarer than just carts - or even boxed set without manual. But having some boxes and manuals already, this might make collecting for me bit easier. Im definetely going to buy some Nintendo games in future when the price is right! Thanks for reading if you made it this far :-)

(A couple of NES and SNES boxes right there)

(Some NES manuals to ease up collection in future - these were saved and not found at the time I was selling the games - but I found them now! - brings up some memories)

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