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My TOP10 video games of all time

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

This is a list of my TOP10 video games I've ever played myself. Feel free to suggest me something new or retro that is not included here. I just love large scale dynamic or at least partially free RPG and adventure games with as much replay value as possible. Although 10 games is just shallow amount - I like to bring up the very best. Bare in mind that any game reaching TOP 10 - well - it's great achievement! It's not like I've played 10 games in my life and Mario Kart would be the worst while Fallout would me mediocre with 5. place no! All games listed hold special place to me in my gaming history and while there is certain amount of nostalgia for sure, it's mostly overall experience and joy of each game that counts. For example X-Com Apocalypse is "a flawed diamond" yet it's overall much fun and damn good game despite it's flaws. Only ten games.. That's not to say though that there aren't plenty of more great games not listed in here.

1. Fallout 2 (PC)

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Fallout 2 is a great example of almost perfect roleplaying/adventure game. Very long lasting game with lots of different ways and choices to play it through. Large world map, interesting story, great atmosphere with post-apocalyptic world and loads of things to do.. list goes on. Some of the best and most hypnotic, atmospheric and mysterious freaky game music ever can be also listened in this game. Replayability value 10+

2. Jagged Alliance 2 (PC)

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Jagged Alliance 2 is nice blend of strategy, RPG and adventure. You hire the group of mercs you want to take down a dictator in an island. Along with this you also make your own character that adds some roleplaying values to the game. Along creation you can add points to certain skills, but special skills and personality comes out of the "question-answer"-style quiz. This game includes loads of weapons, modifications to them, different characters and side-missions. Also has a lot replayability value.

3. Heroes of Might and Magic III (PC)

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Build up your cities, create armies and wipe out your enemies. Probably my favourite turn based strategy game. HOMM (III) succeeds to blend in some RPG and adventure elements. Mainly cause you control your armies with heroes, which gain experience and special skills at battles. And while moving around the map you encounter different events and groups monsters. Loads of special items, experience points and other rewards spice this game up a lot and keep things interesting. Still great game today despite it's few AI flaws!

4. Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (PC)

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Baldur's Gate II is probably the best and most large AD&D-style RPG to exist 'till today. Replayability value 10+ and awesome still today.

5. Fallout (PC)

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Although I kinda feel bad of two so similar games with same series taking up two spots in shallow TOP10 games list, I just cannot help it. Both Fallouts deserve place in there. That's just the way it goes. First part (Fallout 1) of this post-apocalyptic RPG/Adventure. As good as the second, but way shorter. Still I highly recommended, complete this first and then go for the Fallout II! Also has same music composer than it's sequel and one of best atmospheric game music included.

6. Planescape: Torment (PC)

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Another great RPG/adventure game. I wish they still made games like these. You wake up in a crypt, not remembering who you are, and not knowing whether you are dead or alive. Are you in hell? This game resembles quite much of Fallout series, just different theme, and just as good! You have many ways of doing things to keep things interesting. Planescape Torment rules!
Replayability value 10+

7. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (PC, XBOX360, PS3)

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The third part of Elder Scrolls-game series is much smaller than prequel Daggerfall, seemingly, but the game area is much more action packed. While part II-Daggerfall still stands probably as one of largest RPG games due game area, most of it was empty space and random generated repetitive dungeons, repetitive towns and so on. Don't get me wrong either, Morrowind is still LARGE. Probably the best Elder Scrolls game overall. Morrowind just manages to get this epic and mystical feeling in the game world and story (that sequel Oblivion lacked) along with nice character build system, loads of loot and quests and freedom of exploration. Not so retro but totally classic!

8. Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven (PC)

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Pretty simple RPG where you create four characters of your liking and start the game, yet there's something strikingly fascinating in Mandate of Heaven (hint: it's also sold as Platinum Edition with 4-in-1 containing Might And Magic VI-IX). Game is viewed in 1st person view only, so you kinda move with all 4 characters at once. Combat is simple, you press button and hit, whoever of the characters is ready to hit - hits. Hitting rate depends of characters speed. There's also quite nice selection of different spells. The game is pretty much 1st person hack'n'slash with loads of enemies packed in groups standing around landscape. Graphics are quite poor 3d that weren't top notch even when game was released. Still this game has the magic, something that keeps me playing it. There's quite many items and character development/skills system is complex and rewarding, as is completing quests and getting rewards. This is one of those games that are quite repetitive, don't look that good and still there's something magical about it that keeps me playing through the whole long game.

9. X-COM III: Apocalypse (PC)

I remember hearing varying opinions of this third part of X-COM games. I myself loved it. While graphics kinda sucked, the game system itself was gold. There was so much to do in the game. You were in control of anti-alien corporation X-COM. You have your headquarters, you hire the troops who gain experience, and buy battle vehicles like tanks and interceptors. You could find out which corporations were under alien influence and attack their basements by yourself, or wait aliens to attack and get alarmed for action, or get your own headquarters attacked. Developing weapons and researching alien tech was rewarding. There is firstly the city view where you see isometric view of whole city, there you can get into ufo-encounter and shoot them down by your own warfare, or get into war with other corporations. Then there's an inside-view from buildings in the missions, where most of the game events happen. There you would equip your troops with different guns and take down the alien forces with your infantry. So basically X-Com involves some micromanagement with your corporation development, team-management and alien tech research as well as warfare battles in city streets and turn based battles inside different building and ufo's (this is the main focus). I just liked how this game works and how deep it is with everything. Just plenty of stuff in this game. As a cool thing, the city is always different in each time you start a game meaning it's randomised. By the way music is alsolutely great, composed by Richard Wells. Atmospheric, mystical, epic and freaky as he*l - really setting the tone to this great game.

10. Super Mario Kart (SNES)

Mario goes carting. This game was so much fun once, but unfortunately I don't own this game anymore. Though I recently bought SNES again and will hunt Mario Kart boxed somewhere when found with right price. Gameplay rocked and split screen with a friend playing thru a tournament was awesome. All characters drive differently. There's nothing like seeing your friend closing you by at last lap, successfully dropping a banana-peel in front of him and seeing him spin around!

*Some of the honourable mentions that didn't fit in goes to NES games Mega Man series 1-3, Super Mario 3 - SNES game Super Mario World - PC games , Dragon Age Origins, Heroes of Might And Magic II, Baldurs Gate, Thief I-II, System Shock 2, Realms of Arkania III: Shadows Over Riva, Delta Force 2 (multiplayer FPS never before was this fun), Icewind Dale I-II, Civilization II, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (despite kicking hardcore RPG fans in the face with level-scaling and some other quite unimpressive stuff) and Daggerfall, Fallout 3, Deus Ex..


  1. I am really big junkies of action and adventure game. I like the most fallout II which i had already completed.

  2. Yes it's truly a great game as is the first one. These open ended world RPG's and Adventure games are my favorite type games by far.

  3. As per gamers sounds, i have heard that fallout III announced already. But i like the most first series which was better than its current series. I am curious to get new series of Fallout III.

  4. I am also a big fan of adventure games. My favorite is fallout II. Currently I am playing it.