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E3 2011 Skyrim - Behind the closed doors demo - new audio

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

This is E3 2011 Skyrim audio and video material shown behind "closed doors" right here. Some new info at least on the audio part of the clip. Audio IS OUT OF SYNC because it is actually expanded edition from the official video part, so try to tolerate :-) Video starts repeating itself at 17:00 - but audio is fresh and does not repeat - so listen on.


00:01 We are shown some more Skyrim forest wandering and fightning with wolves as well as new two handed combat system. We hear some music as well. Menu system is also shown which to me looks more like console than PC style, but seems allright - better than in Oblivion in my opinion. Games travel map seems to be also fully 3D but seems to be done quite well and looks fine.

02:50 After fightning and seeins the menu system we visit shortly to a small town called Riverwood - which propably is the first town you encounter I bet.

4:25 Riding seems to be included in Skyrim as the hero then wanders from green forest to snowy alps with a horse.

5:10 When leaving the horse and walking in the snowy rocky mountains in snowfall - we can see some of the fog and snowstorm effects in Skyrim. Peaceful walking is interrupted by a Dragon guarding mountaintop. Our here decides to bail out of the fight and run to a some sort of a cavern.

5:55 Caverns look much better than in Oblivion although I still have feeling they won't be perfect - they certainly look like improvement at least graphically. Textures and lightning effects make them look less bland than in Oblivion and different rooms look less generic. Water and ice are welcomed element to caves.

8:30 we see some kind a mini-boss fight with a lich or other kind of a undead mage raising from his crypt which looks kinda cool. I personally hope that Skyrim will have many unique bosses within caves instead of a few generic type enemies (in oblivion remember Skeletons, Trolls, Ogres repeating just too much?).

9:00 Music sounds better than Oblivion's - being more epic and orchestrated this time. I never liked Oblivion music that much. In my opinion Morrowind had much more epic feeling in music in general. Hopefully rest of the audio tracks in Skyrim are similar style to the few great ones heard on this audio.

10:00 Our hero decidec to start a fight with giants. Unfortunately for them - a dragon decides to interrupt them and attack. Dragon fight can be seen here.

12:50 stealth action with bows.

17:00 Video starts repeating itself - but audio is fresh and does not repeat - so listen on.

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