Just a quick note of a new map in progress for HOMMIII SoD: Adventure Islands

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Just wanted to drop a word about a new HOMM III SoD XL map (Heroes of Might And Magic 3: Shadow Of Death version) I started working with. I'll share it with my map pack (Tane Norther's Heroes of Might And Magic III (SoD) XL-map pack) file, when it's ready. Don't wait it to be finished too soon, though. As explained previously I make these just for a hobby and for my own fun (and hopefully for the others, too), so I hold no deadlines for myself. I thought about taking a longer break after the last one, but I came up with a slightly different type of a map, which I wanted to make, so I decided to start making it anyway. I don't like about making many similar maps in row. The map-pack already includes 6 XL maps plus different team-variations, so feel free to grab the current version for free!

So, while my last map Forest of The Old Godz was event-driven, pretty railroad'y map judging by it's movement paths, with teams (co-op), and featured quite level-scaled items and thoroughly as accurately balanced for all teams that I could make it to be, I wanted to make something different this time. We'll see how this shapes up, as it can change along the way when making the map. The new map will be called "Adventure Islands". The basic plot for the map is, that an old sailor at New Sorpigal, Erathia, has been spreading rumors about unexplored island patterns at far Eastern Sea. The islands being rich on treasures and such. So many adventurers rush to New Sorpigal to talk with the sailor only to find out he's most likely speaking the truth. Soon adventurers of the several races set their sails from the New Sorpigal's docks towards the Eastern Sea to explore and colonize these islands.

The map will be two-sided XL sea map with quite many smaller and mid-sized islands. The only way to the "other side" will probably be "Whirlpools", so entering from the "underground" to ground-level and vice versa comes with a cost. Six players, 3 on underground-side, 3 on above-the-ground-side, and all versus all. The underground isn't really underground, but just another fully featured sea-side with islands. Some route-restrictions will be featured on the sea to prevent fastest access route between each of the players. Other than that, I try to make it not to be so railroad'y and restricted as "Forest of The Old Godz".

The other difference to highly balanced "Forest of The Old Godz" will be more randomized content, thus you never know which way is the fastest access to the best items and such, each time you play the map. More randomized content (items and such) combined with several small islands on the sea should be fun. I try to add some balance, so that you cannot get LVL4 items at your starting island, for example. A few islands will be always "lower level", with their creatures and items, while there will be some places always featuring higher level monsters and items, but some will be completely random. No ultimate balance this time, but exploration may be better way rewarded!

I'll also try to come up with some events to spice up the map a bit. I'll drop a few in-development pictures to this post when there's something to show. Needless to say, this may, once again, take a long time to be fully finished, as I work irregularly with HOMMIII maps. I have some other hobbies, which need more time and more regular schedule.

Short summary for "Adventure Islands":
-6 players
-All VS. all
-2-sided sea map with a lots of medium-small islands
-Not too restricted paths
-Items and monsters quite highly randomized, exploration rewarded
-Some events to spice it up
-Whirlpool connection between the 2 sides of the map